Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 months old

Wow, I can't believe I am 5 months old already. Time flies when you have such a wonderful mommy and daddy:) I am getting to be such a big boy, I am learning how to sit up - I am close but I still fall over lots. Mommy and daddy have been feeding my lots of baby food, I love squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and all my fruits but I hate those yucky peas and green beans. I wish mommy would stop giving those icky green things to me, they make me gag! I even got to drink out of a big boy sippy cup the other day. I am still full of smiles and love to giggle at mommy and daddy, they are pretty funny!

Do I look like my daddy? Everyone says I look just like my daddy and I think they are right. Mommy says it isn't fair since she was the one that carried me for nine months then went through 29 hours of labor to get me out. All I know is I am one cute lil' guy:) Daddy bought me a baseball cap just like his - don't we look sooooo cute??
My fingers are so yummy!

GO HAWKEYES! I love wearing my Iowa Hawkeye outfit - it makes daddy kinda upset when he sees me wear it, but he still loves me.

Such a big boy - I can stand up already:)

I had so much fun at the beach the other day - mommy and daddy let me put my feet in the sand, it felt so funny - it got stuck in my toes. I got new swimming trunks the other day (they are stylin'). I can't wait to wear them and go swimming, only a few more months!
Here is my buddy Brayden, we have so much fun playing together.
Bubba loves to give me kisses - he has bad breath sometimes:) I love my puppies - Zoey doesn't pay too much attention to me but Bubba can't get enough of me, he is always licking me and I love to pull his hair.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sweetie Pie

My fingers are sooooo yummmmy!

Mommy and daddy went picture crazy the past few days - they just can't get enough of me:) Daddy says I am handsome just like him! I am starting to learn how to sit up - daddy says my "fat" little tummy helps hold me up.