Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More pics

So far so good! Baby Jack has been a wonderful little man. He sure takes after his mommy in the fact he loves to sleep! The nurses assure me this will soon change:) It has been quite a difficult task waking him to feed - as of tonight he is down to 8# 3 oz so hopefully he decides to start eating soon. Big brother Sam visited us again today and things went much better! Sam actually was interested in his brother - he held him and was very fascinated with all his parts:) I think they are gonna be great buds. Poor Jack is going to get circumcised in the morning then hopefully we will get to go home.
Sam decided he wanted to be the baby!! He was pretty funny.
Sam is going to be one good big brother!

Daddy is getting a little worn out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Jack

Here is our newest addition - Mr. Jack! He sure is a sweetie pie. Labor went very smoothly this time around. We went in to the hospital around midnight on Tuesday and he was out by 10:52AM on Tuesday! Luckily the epidural worked like a charm this time and I dilated at an excessive speed of going from 2cm to 8cm in less than an hour and then to being fully dilated about a half hour later!! Then after 3 (yes 3) big ole pushes Jack was out!!

Sam got to meet his little brother this afternoon and boy was it interesting! I believe Sam, Jack and mommy were all crying the first 5 minutes:) Once things settled down Sam finally decided Jack wasn't so bad. He helped change his first diaper and was fascinated with his little toes and fingers. I think in time they are gonna be buds - let's hope!

Meet baby Jack

JACK RICHARD KLINE - Born 2/24/09 @10:54 AM - 8# 10 oz 20"long!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last week as an only child!

I have had a fun week - G-ma Vickie came a week early to help mommy get ready for the baby and to let her "relax" a bit:) Boy have I kept her busy - I think I have almost worn her out already! Mommy has really enjoyed having G-ma Vickie here - however she is getting kinda spoiled daddys says.
Check out my new potty G-ma bought me. It is a pretty cool "chair". I love sitting on it while mommy uses her potty:) Still haven't left her any surprises in it yet!

I was practicing putting diapers on the baby doll - I am pretty good at it:) I am going to be mommy's big helper.
I have sooooo much fun playing outside - luckily the weather has been really nice outside - high 60's most days. My favorite thing is to dig in the mulch and throw the mulch - which drives daddy crazy but oh well! haha! It is also lots of fun to step on all mommy's plants and squish them! No flowers this year. G-ma and mommy have been talking about getting me a sandbox so that will be lots of fun and messy:)

Fun at the Gulfarium

Mommy, daddy and G-ma Vickie took me to the Gulfarium last weekend and boy was it fun!! I loved all the fish, especially the dolphins. I did get a little bit grouchy because the dolphins got to play with fun balls and I couldn't!!

38 weeks!

Well - she made it!! I am excited to have my little brother very very soon. Mommy is going to go to the hospital tomorrow night and hopefully we will have a baby sometime Tuesday (G-pa Lynn's Birthday)!! I sure am gonna miss mommy's big ole' belly. Mommy is getting very sad that she has to spend a few nights away from me - she gets all teary eyed when she thinks about it. I keep telling her g-ma will take good care of me and I will visit lots:) I will post some pics of my new baby brother as soon as he gets here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silly pics

Poopie in the tub!! I sure surprised my poor ol mommy the other day by poopin in the tub:) She handled in pretty well. I was pretty frightened of the thing at first but once she got me out of the tub it was quite fascinating! She made me flush it down the potty.

Fun in the tub with Bubba and Zoey. I think I had more fun than they did:)

Mommy is training me to be the next Tiger Woods! I am getting pretty good - however I do get distracted quite easily, sometimes I would rather hit the fence and the dogs rather than the golf ball.

Silly me:)

Say cheese! Check out my cool new hair do.

Havin' fun with my friend Brayden. Putting us together means trouble!! I think the mommies enjoy play dates just as much as we do - they just sit on the couch and gossip non-stop for hours:)