Monday, August 24, 2009

We Miss our Bubba

We sure have been missing or sweet Bubba this past week. Unfortunately we had to find Bubba a nice new home. We were so lucky in finding such a wonderful new home for Bubba. Bubba now lives with a nice young couple, no other pets or kids to compete with so we are sure Bubba is gonna get lots of deserved attention:) He lives close to my parents and we kind of have an "open adoption" policy with him - we can visit anytime and they are gonna send me lots of pictures:) It was extremely difficult to give him up..lots of tears were shed...I'm missin him like crazy but I am pretty sure he is getting spoiled rotten at his new home!

45 days til Daddy Comes Home!!

The summer sure has flown by - only 45 more days til daddy comes home!!!! The boys sure have changed alot these past few months... Sam is finally starting to talk more, it is quite funny listening to him and the things he says..the funniest is he calls himself "Ham" instead of Sam:) He finally is recovering from his surgery and all his icky bugs (tonsillitis/flu) and feeling pretty good! Jack is rollin all over the place and will soon be crawling..he got two little teeth on the bottom and he likes to use them - OUCH! (poor mommy) He is also finally feeling better from his 'bug" - yes it was a rough couple weeks dealing with two sick babies..not much sleep...but who can complain when you are up 3 nights in a row watching Barney from 1AM-5AM :)
They really do love each other... I just hope it stays that way!!
Sam loves his "papa" he has to wear a hat like papa - whatever papa does Sam is right there doing the same thing...they have become pretty good buds...G-pa is a great help to mommy!!

Check out the new boots!! Sam thinks he is one cool dude in his boots! I think they are glued to his feet - he has to wear them everywhere!!
GO HAWKEYES - daddy this picture is for you:)

Brotherly Love:) Poor baby Jack - he just loves his big matter what Sambo does to him he just smiles and giggles away at him!!
****Daddy we are sooooo excited for you to visit...only 10 more days!!! (don't get sick this time...mommy has lots of fun stuff planned for us:))*****

A Little Fun for Mommy

A Little Bachelorette FUN......It was kind of funny I probably hadn't been out with friends for probably 2 years or more and this month I was able to go out twice..thanks to grandmas:) It was really hard being away from my babies but I did manage to have a little fun:)
My friend Nicole is getting married in October and I am lucky to be one of her bridesmaids...we had the bachelorette party this past weekend and boy did we have a good time. It was great seeing all my friends...but it was extremely difficult being away from my babies...

Taylor Swift Concert

I had such a great time at the Taylor Swift concert I went to with my sister, my niece and two of her friends...I think I we had one Bud light too many..hence me standing in line for 45 minutes to buy this t-shirt (at least I didn't end up with the red high heal one:)) Let's just say an hour before that I had been making fun of all the "weirdos" that stand in line to buy those stupid t-shirts:) It was a great time and such a great concert -

Friday, August 7, 2009

Poor Sam!!!

Our poor Sambo had some tubes put in his ears and got his adnoids taken out this week. Everything went well with the surgery, and he is back to his crazy self!!

They gave him some medicine before surgery to calm him down and boy was he funny!! He acted like he was drunk! He sat on my lap for probably 45 minutes and just giggled at me. I asked the nurse if she could send some of it home with us but she just laughed at me!

He was not a happy camper after surgery. Some kids come out of anethesia happy and sleepy and other kicking and screaming and I am sure you can guess what happened to Sam:) It took him about 2 hours to come out of it before he finally settled down!! We were all pretty exhausted by the end of it. I was just glad to have my little peanut back!!

Summer Fun

As you can see from the pics, the boys sure are enjoying the summer here in Iowa. Jack is growin like a weed! He is full of smiles and loves giggling at his big brother. He has been working on two teeth for a few weeks now, I think we will all be glad when they finally decide to pop through!! Mommy finally got baby Jack to take a bottle - yippee! Now she can go to the Taylor Swift concert on Sunday!!! Sam has more energy than ever - he is constantly on the go and loves playing outside. His favorite thing to do is to sit in the car - and yes it extremely hot!! He will sit in the darn car for hours if I let him - he just has so much fun driving:) Let's just say our van has never been cleaner - (mommy gets bored sitting in the car).

We loves to eat our toes!!
I think we probably go through a box of popsicles every 2-3 days!
Check out our new sand and water table! Yay for sales on summer toys$$$

Jack loves to swing outside in his swing - Sam is such a good pusher - poor baby Jack gets a crazy ride sometimes!

Fun with our "bargain toys"!! Sam loves his new ball pit mommy made him - I don't think Grandma is too crazy about having a big ball pit in the middle of the kitchen:)
Fun with cousin Gower. I believe they were dancing to the Wiggles!

Fun at Auntie Holly's

We had such a great time in KC visiting Auntie Holly, Uncle Doug, and cousins Gower and Eve!! We played and played and played - thanks to Uncle Doug, mommy, Grandma Vickie and Aunt Holly got to do some shopping! Mommy found lots of cool toys at some garage sales, yes garage sales!! Our bargains included a $10 riding car, 2 huge sacks of balls for $2, a mini Walmart shopping cart - probably one of the faves of Mr. Sam, he grocery shops all day long!

There is a really cool horse place right next to their house - we got to pet and feed the horses!!

Daddy just loves this picture of Sambo in a dress:) Mommy thought he looked beautiful!! Daddy did not approve of his little boy wearing a dress.

Wiggly Good Time!!

Check out these cool pics from the Wiggles concert!!! We had such a great time - Sam just danced and "wiggled" throughout the whole show. Jack was glued to the show as well - I think he is a future Wiggle watcher:)
Jack loves his new Henry doll - he just chewed and chewed on his feet - all the chewing made him sleepy and he fell asleep on his doll:) Wiggles wore him out!
It's SAM WIGGLE!! - and the BIG RED CAR
Mommy and Sam enjoying the Wiggles

Cool new Wiggles shirts - only cost $18 - uggh! I'm sure they will last longer than the $18 light sword though!!