Tuesday, October 30, 2007

6 Weeks Old

Such a great smile - Sam has now started smiling at his mommy and daddy, at first we thought it was gas, but now we are sure he is really smiling at us! Along with the smiles there are some frowns as you can see:)

Happy Halloween

Sam wasn't too fond of his Halloween costume - however we did manage to keep it on him
long enough to get some pictures. He does make one really cute duck:)

Friday, October 26, 2007

5 Weeks Old

Some more adorable pictures of our lil' man. He getting so smart these days:) He is holding his head up really well - and has even started to smile at us (I am convinced it is not gas!). Sam got his Halloween costume this week so get excited for those pictures:)


Sunday, October 21, 2007


Mommy and daddy believe they have the cutest baby in
the world:)

More pics

More pictures to enjoy - Sam has had a busy month with all his visitors. He made his first trip to the beach when he was 4 weeks old; even though he slept the whole time we know he is going to love swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand next summer!

One Month Old

How time is flying by, our little man is already a month old! He is growing up fast. According to daddy Sam rolled over once in the middle of the night, but mommy is yet to confirm that:) Sam is becoming more alert each day; it is so much fun to have him focus in on you when you are talking to him. He still loves his sleep though - thank goodness! Mommy and Sam get in some pretty good naps during the day.
He loves to be talked to and sung to, daddy is slowly learning all the words to the lullabys:) Now that we can put Sam in the sink he has started to enjoy bathtime - no more screaming! Sam is definatley getting a little spoiled - he loves to be cuddled!

Friday, October 5, 2007

3 Weeks Old!

Well how time does fly, our lil' man is already 3 weeks old. The past few weeks have been amazing and of course very challenging at times.
G-ma Vickie had to leave and go back to Iowa this week so it has been a huge adjustment for mommy these past few days; who knew it could be so hard to go to the bathroom or to shower - we are slowly learning how to accomplish these simple tasks.
Sam is doing very well; he sleeps very well during the days and loves to show his bright eyes at night:) Mommy and Sam spend most nights cuddling in the lazy boy - daddy thinks he needs his beauty sleep for work:) Daddy says Sam is spoiled already and that he has his mommy wrapped around his finger - imagine that! Daddy has been doing very well with Sam - it is so funny to watch him change dirty diapers - he does a great job even though it takes him about 10 minutes to change a diaper, Sam is very patient. I keep telling him that practice makes perfect! Sam is adjusting a little bit better to his carseat. There for awhile mommy didn't think that they were ever going to get to leave the house. Thanks to the discovery of the magical and lifesaving binki, we can go just about anywhere now:) Who knew going to Walmart would be such a treat! Sam also loves to go for stroller rides - if he is fussy we just put him in the stroller and within minutes he is out. Bubba and Zoey have also been adjusting fairly well to Sam. Besides the occasional sniff, they could really care less about the new addition. Bubba hates it when Sam cries, he starts howling so we not only have one baby crying but two, it is really quite cute. The past 3 weeks have been such a great experience, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful little guy. Hope you all are enjoying the pictures.