Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney Trip

Call us crazy but we decided to take the kids to Disney World this past weekend. It was a lot of work but we had a great time. Jack was awake for maybe 2 hours the whole trip - he loved being carried around in his sling. Sam on the other hand maybe slept for 2 hours:) He sure was a trooper, but we definatley learned the importance of naps! Sam was a little overwhelmed and overstimulated at the Magic Kingdom. He was terrified for the first hour we were there, then he settled down and started to enjoy himself. He really liked Sea World - he loved all the fish (except the scary killer whale we made him take a picture by!)

Sam loved the resort swimming pool - he is gonna be a little fish this summer.

We were a little worried when we first got to the Magic Kingdom and Sam was scared out of his mind. He had a death grip on his daddy for a good hour then we bribbed his with a $10 Mickey balloon. We thought daddy was gonna have the big one paying $8 for a hot dog and $10 for balloons:) Little did he know that was only the beginning:)
Sam was so tired during lunch he couldn't hardly pick up his hot dogs. It was hilarious watching him try to eat and fall asleep mid bite. He got a little ticked off when he woke up:)
He got happy again!
Mickey's house and the Dumbo ride.
Sam loved Minnie - and wasn't even afraid of her!
Daddy caved and bought the boys Mickey ears - Jack attracted a lot of attention with his!

Going up to scary monkey - not a good idea. At least we got a good picture:)
Can you tell it was a loooooong day! Sam finally gave up and fell asleep.
Crazy us went back to the Magic Kingdom that night for parades and fireworks! Of course Sam slept through it all:)

Sam loved Sea World - he was fascinated with all the fish.
Sam had it with the stroller so he got to wear his monkey leash. I swore I would never put a leash on my kid but never say never - I also said I would never drive a dorky mini van but broke that one too!
Sam sat and watched the dolphins for a good 30 minutes - they were a great babysitter! I need to get some of these at home.
There was a great dolphin show - Sam passed out half way through it.

Shamu was awesome! It was so cool to see. Both kids were actually awake and Jack made it out of the sling. (only because when I took him out he was covered in poo up to his neck - talk about disaster - we are sitting with thousands of people around us and I have to try to figure out how to get this boy cleaned up - we managed)


Mommy and daddy finally had some fun in the World tour - who new every country had a good beer! Sam was fascinated with the giant "ball" and couldn't stop talking about it.
Sam thought it was great getting to eat ice cream at 11 o'clock at night! I think we had lost our minds at this point. Sam had the turkeys trained at the resort. He fed them goldfish so every morning we woke up we had two turkeys and 2 ducks waiting to be fed. He would go right up to them and feed them and wasn't even scared - daddy was afraid of them though. I think this was Sam's favorite part of the whole trip. G-ma Vickie I think you better get Sam a duck for this summer!!
All zonked out with Mickey.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cutie Patooties

Baby Jack is now 8 1/2 weeks old and is begining to get a little personality. He smiled at his mommy for the first time the other day and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Sam is loving his brother more and more. He hasn't smacked him for some time now:) and we can only hope it stays that way.

Check out Sam's new buzz - daddy took him to get a "trim" and he came back practically bald! Daddy got into a little bit of trouble for this one.

BIG smooch for baby Jack!