Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life in Florida

Well we made it back to Florida and it has been a pretty crazy has been a challenge for mommy surviving the days with no car and no cable...we made it a more to go!! We have been busy packing and organizing all our "crap" glad when the movers come next week and take it all away!!! Let's just say mommy wouldn't be too disappointed if it all just fell off into the ocean:) We are so excited to get to Hawaii and to be finally settled in somewhere again..hopefully the trip there goes well...say lots of prayers for us that we survive our 10 hr flight:)

The boys have been such troopers through all of this...I think they like living in a mess...lots of boxes to climb on!! What is it like to be organized??? Hopefully we will know what this feels like again!!

Jack has become very mobile these past few weeks, he is the fastest little "army crawler" I have ever seen!! He started pulling himself up on things and now is pretty steady at standing as long as he has something to hold onto...I think he is gonna be walking before long???? He has been working on cutting his top front teeth so he has been a bit cranky..thank goodness they are almost through!!
Sambo is crazy as usual...acting his age most days..bossing mommy around!! He absolutely adores his little brother and is very good at keeping him entertained (good for mommy)! Where ever Sam is Jack is right behind him. Sam has been such a trooper through all this...we couldn't ask for two better kids! We are so lucky to have such wonderful boys!! (Hoping I still feel this way after our 10 hr flight!) haha!

Baths are a great way to entertain the boys...they are shriveled little prunes when they finally decide to get out of the tub!! Let's just say there isn't a dry spot in the bath room when they are done splashing around!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Iowa...a little slice of Heaven:)

We sure are gonna miss this place...we had such a great time in Iowa this was very hard to say good bye to everyone last week....we are missing everyone like crazy and it has been a pretty lonely week here in Florida. (esp. since I have been alone at home with the boys with no car and no cable..not to mention Sam decided to break the DVD player mid morning today!!)

We are so greatful to everyone for helping us out this summer while Eric was gone...we definately could not have made it through it without everyone back home! It was so nice being so close to family and having the chance to move back in with my parents for a few I really miss you doing my laundry and fixing my really sucks having to do this again:) Oh and mot to mention getting up with Jack at the crack of dawn each 5'oclock comes around early and I really miss walking up the stairs half asleep and handing him off to you then turning around and heading back down the stairs to go back to bed!! Oh how I miss the freshly baked cookies you always had on the counter....and I could go on like this forever but I think I might start crying if I keep thinking about it:) Dad you sure were a trooper through all were such a great help with the boys...Sam sure does miss his buddy...thank you for teaching him how to say "go hawkeyes" (his daddy appreciates this one), Sam always looked forward to you coming in the house every night so you guys could have your "cokes", look for deer and play outside; and I thank you for always keeping the fridge stocked with Miller Lite...couldn't have made it through the summer without you:) Thank you for everything....we miss you guys like crazy and will never forget the great times we had living with you guys this summer...Give Zoey our love and tell her to enjoy 3 yrs of peace and quiet...

Thanks to all my wonderful sisters for visiting us lots and keeping us entertained...Erin I really enjoyed coming into town and going on walks every morning..Sam sure is gonna miss your trampoline:) Dr. Aimee you were all life saver all summer long...probably wouldn't have survived the summer without you and your expertise - thank you thank you thank you...Sam sure loved playing trains with his Aunt Aimee...Kensie was such a great babysitter probably won't ever find one as good as her...There isn't a morning that goes by that Sam doesn't ask for "Aimee". Sambo is gonna miss you guys sooooo much! Emilee thanks so much for loaning me your girls to come play with Sam - he had so much fun with them!

G-ma and G-pa thank you for all your help this summer watching the boys while I worked out and for taking us to lunch all the time! I will never forget the day I spent and hour working out and I get to your house to pick up the boys and there you are meeting me at the door with a piece of peach pie and homemade ice cream...:) Miss you guys.

Sara and Nolan thanks for all the play dates - we sure do miss you guys....

G-ma and G-pa Kline...thank you so much for everything you did for us this guys were always there for us when we needed you...We really appreciate everything!!!! G-pa Dick I am sure you miss Sam spilling his popcorn all over your office floor every morning and eating all your suckers and leaving them half eaten:) Sam sure does miss coming to your house and playing the piano and driving the car around. Poor Maggie probably misses Sam and all the treats he gives her:) Thanks isn't enough for all that you guys have done for us...

Brotherly Love...
They really do love eachother...Jack follows Sam is pretty sweet:)

Our little Monkey...he is climbing on everything...he is quite the little dare devil!
It is soooo nice having my sweetie home....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last days in Iowa:(

Well we are headed back to Florida in the morning:( We have had such a great time in Iowa and are really sad to leave all our family...we are going to miss everyone soooooooooo much!! On the up side it has been nice having daddy back home!! We have a busy two weeks in Florida packing up then we are off to Hawaii November 9th..everyone start saving your $$$ so you can come visit us...probably won't make the 10 hr flight too often with the boys:)

Check out mommy's cool pj's just like Sam's! Daddy says she looks like she is 2 yrs old:)

Silly Sam - loves wearing glasses and breaking them!
Check out the new cowboy boots from G-ma - he is pretty proud of these!

Our little monkey! Jack loves this chair..he climbs on it all day long!

Daddy's Graduation

We had such a great time going to daddy's graduation in Georgia...we are so proud of daddy...doesn't he look handsome with his badge:)
Jr. Special Agent Kline

So proud of daddy!!

Daddy getting his badge...WAY TO GO DADDY!!!

Two handsome little men:)

Fun at the swimming pool!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Sweetie Pies

Here is a pic of Sam at 6 mo and Jack at 7 mo. I'm not sure if they look anything alike...they do have the big blue eyes in common:)
Sleepy Boy!! He was jumping away then things got quiet and I looked over and the poor little guy was sound asleep...I guess jumping is hard work!!!
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I think we are getting out of here just in time! It has been pretty chilly this past week with temps in the 50's and rainy!! We are kind of weenies when it comes to cold! It definately has been challenging for mommy to be locked in the house all day cuz it has been too cold to go outside and play!
Jack is getting to be a little monkey...he is starting to pull himself up to everything...scoots everywhere and gets into everything!! I never thought I would say this but Sam is actually the easy one now!!
My two little sweetie pies...they have so much fun playing with each other...
Instead of crawling around the walker we have to crawl under it...

Sam beatin up on his lil brother....someday Jack will get him back:)
Yes, he really is this ornery!!
Goin for a ride in the "Big Red Car"!
TWO DAYS TO GO!!! We are flying down to daddy's graduation on Thursday and we are sooooooooo excited to see him!!