Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lots of Visitors!!!

We had sooooo much fun when G-ma Vickie, Aunt Aimee, Cousin Kensie and her friend Kate came to visit!! It was an action packed two weeks, we saw lots of sights, hit up all the beaches, went to a luau, parasailed, shopped, and even got the chance to go island hopping to Kauai...it was so nice having lots of extra hands to help out with the boys. The boys and mommy loved all the extra attention!! We are really missing them and were so sad to see them go back to Iowa...the house has been pretty lonely since they left:( Hopefully they will visit us again:)

Thanks guys for everything - we really appreciated you coming to visit us, it meant alot and we had the best time with you all - love you:)


It was a little frightening hanging 800 ft. in the air with only one little knot connecting you to the boat below you!! It was pretty amazing way up there - thanks Kensie and Kate for giving us an excuse to parasail! And thanks G-ma Vickie for watching the boys so we could go!!
Mommy and daddy flying high:)
Cousin Kensie and Kate ready for take-off!
Paradise Cove Luau

It's nice having visitors because it makes you get out and do fun things you normally wouldn't go out and do!! We really enjoyed our time at the luau - the Mai Tais were excellent!! Everyone looked so cute all decked out in their flowers.

Mmmmm - probably the best drink ever:) Mai Tais are mommy's new favorite! Good thing we had daddy to keep us in line!

The sunset was beautiful..

North Shore

We had to spend one day at the North Shore. We hit up Sunset Beach to see some waves - then went to Sharks Cove to do a little swimming. Sam had a blast climbing around on all the rocks. It was a little choppy out so we didn't do any snorkeling.

Jack always falls asleep at the beach - I think it is the sound of the ocean waves.

Sam hangin with his ladies:)
Jack loved splashing around in the water - they are both pretty fearless of the water which scares mommy, I think we need to get signed up for some swimming lessons!

Ko' Olina Lagoons

This was our first time at the lagoons and we were pretty impressed. It is a great place to take the kids - the water was so calm and crystal clear! They had a great time swimming around and digging in the sand.
Sam had a blast with Aunt Aimee - she was his favorite swimmin' buddy!
Hanauma Bay

This was a great day - we were able to spent the whole day here! Mommy was able to convince everyone to try out snorkeling! G-ma Vickie was a trooper and after about 20 minutes of encouraging her to put her face in the water she did it and there was no stopping her after that:) Sam even got in on the action!

The boys love chillin' at the beach!
Sam and his swimmin' buddy:)
No one got to rest too much - It took mommy, G-ma, Aimee and both girls to keep up with the boys!

It is always fun cleaning Sam up after a day at the beach! Jack on the other hand manages to stay fairly clean!

Diamond Head
I was sooooo proud of G-ma, Aimee and the girls for making it to the top!! They only complained a teeny bit:) I think the views made up for all the sweat and tears!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny was very kind to Sam and Jack this year. It was a great Easter, even better was we got to spend it with G-ma Vickie, Aunt Aimee, Cousin Kensie and her friend Kate!
Sam really got into the Easter egg hunt! He would run to an egg, pick it up, eat what was inside then move on to the next:) Mommy had to do a little coaching about how he would get more candy if he picked up all the eggs then ate the candy! Jack was a pro at finding eggs - I think he had just as many as Sambo! (Don't you just love the plumeria in Jack's hair! The plumeria tree in our yard started blooming again and I just couldn't resist) :)

We're Back!!!

It's been so long since we have blogged - it has been kind of a crazy month...I have so many pictures to post so it may take a few days to get all caught up:)
It was a big day yesterday (April 25th) - Sam pooped in the potty for the first time! We have been working really hard the past two weeks on potty training and he is doing pretty good....we still have our fair share of accidents but for the most part as long as I remember to take him pee every 30 minutes or so he stays dry. Don't get me wrong it is still lots of fun to pee on the floor, on the rug, in the chair..... :)
Jack was feeling left out so Sam was nice enought to share some undies with him:)

This was a great accomplishment for mommy, quite impressive huh! - and yes I used every block:)