Friday, March 19, 2010

Bye-Bye Binkys!!!

WE DID IT!!! We actually got rid of the binkys!! I dreaded the day we had to take away Sam's binkys but believe it or not it was pretty painless for all us us! We have been working on becoming a Big Boy - after conquering the big boy bed we decided it was time to get rid of the binkys - and we were getting tired of Uncle Mark constantly nagging us about taking Sam's binkys away:) So with G-ma Vickie's visit quickly approaching we decided that Sam probably needed to throw his binkys away in order for her to come....he must really love you G-ma Vickie because he took all his binkys to the trash can and threw them away!!! He thought nothing of it and went on playing then about an hour later he went to the trash can to get his binkys, but Daddy had taken the trash out and the binkys were gone...the look on Sam's face was so pitiful - he didn't cry or fuss he had the look of what the heck did I do:( Mommy went to bed with him that night and told him stories and he went right to sleep and didn't even fuss...the next day he maybe mentioned them two or three times...the next day maye once or twice and now he asks for them maybe once a day!! We went to the store and bought some new animals to sleep with instead of binkys so I think that has helped too! I truely believe had Eric or I taken them from him it would have been a whole different story but since he was the once that threw them away..he had to be okay with it! So now the only thing left on the big boy list is potty training!!

BOO-BOO Update

Well - we took Sam to the doctor Monday to get his cast off...he was a trooper...I can't believe he actually let the man put the ear muffs and glasses on him and he kept them on - it was pretty funny. He got a little scared about half way into getting the cast cut off, both boys were screaming (Jack was terrified of loud saw)! After getting the cast off the doctor didn't think his finger had healed enough to go without a cast so they had to recast his arm:( Mommy and daddy were a little bummed but Sam was thrilled he got to get his "claw" back and he got to pick out a cool color this time..he really wanted pink but daddy thought blue was a better choice so after about 10 minutes Sam was finally convinced blue was the better choice:) So 1 more week with a cast and we will go back to see how much the finger has healed - keep your fingers crossed we can keep the cast off after Monday!

Sam is one cool dude with his Sponge Bob sunglasses and big blue "Claw"!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Cute Pics :)

Say Cheese!
We have been layin low the past 2 weeks...we have been kind of limited in our activities with Sam's huge "claw" :) We are getting nice and rested up for the big visit from G-ma Vickie, Aimee and Kensie!!!!!!! We are super excited for them to come - only 10 more days!
Dancing to the Wiggles!
SWEET RIDE....Sam's buddy brought over his cool jeep to give Sam a ride...Sam thought it was pretty fun riding in the jeep...He has been obsessed with driving his jeep ever since! We took a vote and we think daddy needs to sell his camry and buy us a cool jeep to drive around????
SURFING....Daddy let me out of the house last weekend to go surfing with the girls!! Surfing is tough work!! Luckily I have a great friend who gave me a lesson...and I was able to actually stand up on a couple waves!! The waves were pretty brutal - despite the bruised knees and hips, the cut on my foot from the coral, and extremely sore ribs - it was a blast and I can't wait to go out again!

Monday, March 8, 2010


We had an exciting Friday morning at the Kline house....daddy had just left for work and mommy and Sam were coming in the house and Sambo went in first and mommy was right behind...little did mommy realize Sam's little finger was in the door and when she went to shut it she heard a crunch - and yep it was his poor little finger crushed in the door jam! Mommy panicked - thank goodness daddy was barely down the driveway - it is never good when you get a phone call saying "come home now your son's finger is hanging off"! Poor daddy came home to Sam and mommy bawling hysterically!! Thank goodness daddy was #1 in his driving class at OSI school because we definatley put them to use! He got us to the ER really fast and yes it involved high speeds, running red lights and lots of swirving!! Good job daddy! Well to make an extremely long story short - we were at the ER for about 6 hours and thanks to lots of drugs and a great orthopedic surgeon - Sam got a reconstructed finger and supposedly it is to be as good as new in 10 days (except for the fingernail which hopefully will grow back??)! Unfortunately they had to put a huge ball cast on his arm to prevent anything from getting into the finger and to prevent him from touching it - so far it hasn't seemed to bother him too much - he thinks it is his "CLAW"!! Mommy has had a pretty rough time with this - let's just say Sam has been spoiled rotten these past few days and there is no sign of it ending anytime soon!

Boys Boys

A brand new tug-boat!! Jack got this giant inflatable tug boat and a huge bag of balls for his b-day from our friends - they absolutely LOVE this thing - and mommy really loves picking up the balls!

A little wrestling match - I think Sam was a little more into it than Jack - Sam had a little advantage with the giant CLAW!
Good Bye Crib - Hello BIG BOY BED!! We finally decided it was time for Sambo to get rid of the crib. Poor Jack has been sleeping in the porta crib since we moved (the movers lost all the hardware to his crib!) Sam wasn't too thrilled about giving up his bed....he has done really well in his new bed! Mommy slept with him the first night..then he took a nap in it all by himself - so we will see what happens tonight??? Hopefully someday we will have them both sleeping in it but for now the top is reserved for the stuffed animals and for visitors!

A little Rockstar in the making! The neighbors had a little Rockband/Wii party...the kids had so much fun - the adults were getting upset because the kids weren't very good at sharing:) !

Mommy's 10K

Mommy ran an awesome race this weekend - she ran her best time yet - she finished the 6.2 miles in 54:55 (8.51 pace) finsihed 151 out of 1798. I love it when Eric and the boys meet me at the finish line - Sam was so happy to see me he came running at me:)

Sam and Jack like all the free food mommy gets at the end of the races!

Mommy and her friends. The girl to the right of mommy is our babysitter - she is awesome!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Party #3 - I think we were able to drag Jack's birthday out for about 3 weeks! We started the festivities when g-ma and g-pa Kline were here and we had the last party this weekend! He got so many cool b-day presents and we had so much fun celebrating his first birthday! Sam was a little jealous of the whole idea of Jack getting to have a b-day and he didn't get one...all he said for weeks was"MY B-DAY!"...It was much easier to just go along with it and tell him it was his b-day too:) I am amazed that my little baby is one already...oh how time does fly....he is turning into quite the little man. He finally decided that walking is way better than crawling...I thought things would be easier with him walking but it seems like Jack walks one way and Sam takes off in the other direction!!! Jack is still a big ol' mommy's boy but I think we will keep it that way!

Party #2 - We had a little party for Jack on his B-day with just mommy, daddy, Sam and Jack. Sam helped mommy make a yummy strawberry cake! We tried to get Jack to just dive into the cake but he really wanted nothing to do with it, I guess he just isn't a cake eater! (I had to rub some frosting on his face to make it look like he was enjoying it:))

A new swing set for the B-day boy and his big brother! Jack is just a tiny bit small for the swingset but he loves climbing up and down the slide! Sam thinks it is pretty cool to have a "park" in his back yard:)
Birthday Picnic from McDonalds: Jack enjoyed his very first Happy Meal for his B-day...he loves the cheeseburger!! Sam is still a nugget boy (as long he has dip that is!)

Honolulu Zoo

We decided to take the boys to the zoo - as you can see Jack really enjoyed it:) Sam absolutely loved it...he was pretty entertaining, he would get so excited when he got up to the animals...he has gotten really good at making animal sounds!
This is probably the coolest tree I have seen - it's bark was like a rainbow!

Party #1 - We started the birthday festivities off when g-ma and g-pa Kline were here. G-ma Gloria made Jack a cute little lamb cake - as you can see by his face he was thrilled:) We now know Jack is not a fan of coconut! Sam and the neighborhood kids had a great time tearing into it!