Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do I look like my mommy??

I think Jack got lucky and got his mommy's looks:)!! (mommy at 5 months in the blue dress) It was only fair since Sam is a spitting image of his father!

Boys Boys

Well two months down in Iowa and two to go. Time is actually flying by. We have such a great family to keep us busy. We still really miss our daddy though and will be sooooooo glad when we get to see him again. Mommy and Jack are going for a visit this weekend so that should be a lot of fun - Sam decided he would like to stay in Iowa with G-ma:) We will see if mommy will be able to survive without her little man for the weekend????? The boys sure are a growin', Jack is almost 5 months and Sam will be 2 in 2 months!!! Jack has been working on some teeth so he has been a bit growly and hasn't been sleeping very well at night - making mommy a little growly herself! He is rolling over, smiling all the time and loves giggling at his brother. I am amazed at how well Sam does with him and loves him. Jack gets a lot hugs of juicy kisses from Sam everyday! Poor Sam has to get tubes in his ears and his adnoids out in a few weeks so we are dreading that, but hopefully he feels like a new man after. He is so excited to see the Wiggles in 2 weeks so is mommy:) We sure are enjoying our time in Iowa - (daddy it would be way better with you here though:))

Some love squeezes for baby Jack! Thanks daddy for the cool shirts you brought us - we look pretty cute in them.

Dancin' machine - Sam loves to stand up on the coffee table and dance and of course he has to have the bag of Wheat Thins in his hand at all times:) (just like mommy - the Wheat Thin part)
Check out Sam's new high chair! He refused to sit in his other one because he wanted to sit at the table with "papa" so we got this handy little chair for him! He loves it and thinks he is pretty cool since he sits at the table!

Puppies! We went to Cousin Adrian's house to visit and little did we know all the dogs he would have at his house! Sam went crazy over all the dogs - he really liked the baby puppies!

Sam and papa have become pretty good buddies - they even have matching drinking cups now:) Whatever G-pa is doing Sam is right there behind him!
Bathtime Fun
We take a lot of baths in the sink since G-ma doesn't have a bath tub. Sam just hops right in clothes and all:) He likes to get in one side of the sink while Jack is in the other side.

Lake and Fair Fun

Sam had a blast at the local fair - he "made" mommy go two days in a row because he had so much fun! He loved all the animals - he "mooed, oinked, and quacked the whole time we were there!! He got brave the second day and actually touched that icky snake - then he hissed at me all the way home:) because he was sooooo proud of himself!
Riding the choo - choo with cousins Kensie and Brock

Check out Sam's new life jacket - he and mommy love to go down to G-pa's dock and feed the fish. The fish are getting pretty used to us feeding them, they come in swarms to eat our stale bread/hotdogs/etc. Mommy is getting pretty darn good at catching them with the net (we cheat!) Sam still is a little freaked out by the fish, he makes me throw them back in right away!
Aunt Aimee invited us out to her campsite - it was fun! Cousin Kensie took Sam down to the lake to see the fish and to play in the mud!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My friend Jessica passed this award on to me. I'm sure she thought I wouldn't do it but I thought I'd surprise her:)
The rules:
* Post 10 honest things about the Kline Family
* Tag the person who gave you the award
* Pass the award onto 5 favorite honest bloggers
#1 Kelly is the boss - Eric will never admit it but deep down he knows it is true:)
#2 I never in a million years imagined I would be a stay at home mom with two adorable baby boys. Even though there are "those days" I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
#3 Never say never - I'm driving a mini van. Even though I will never admit to liking it I will say it is pretty handy:)
#4 I am so proud of my husband he is going to make one great Special Agent for the Air Force and sexy (ha ha!!). I admire him so much for going after his dream and never giving up on it. It really sucks being away from him because we miss him like crazy but I know he is missing us just as much. Only 3 more months to go.
#5 I shop way too much - why do they have to make kids clothes so cute? I am definately a sucker in the toy aisle and Sam knows it.
#6 Sweat pants are the greatest thing - you can never own too many sweatpants. My poor kids - even they get dressed in sweatpants everyday, jeans are just not comfortable. We are all about the comfy clothes.
#7 We are so excited to move to Hawaii in November! It will be such an adventure moving across the country with a 2 year old and an 8 month old - ahhhh! Hopefully we will have lots and lots of visitors because I will not be making that 12 hr flight often!
#8 I love being pregnant - it is the best feeling in the world feeling that lil baby kick around in your belly! Even greater feeling is when the dr lays that baby on your chest for the first time - doesn't get any better than that:)
#9 Is it weird I am looking forward to going to a Wiggles concert in August?? Sam is absolutely obsessed with the Wiggles and I can't wait to see his reaction when he sees them in person. And yes, I can pretty much sing any Wiggles song you throw at me!
#10 I look forward to naptime everyday with the boys - it is the best when they are all cuddled up with you!

Daddy's Visit

We had a great 4th of July - daddy came home to visit!! It was sooooo wonderful to see him. We were really sad when he had to leave us again:( The weather was pretty crappy - cool and rainy but that didn't stop us from enjoying the parade - Sam banked on the candy. I'm pretty sure he had at least 10 suckers that day! Mommy and daddy got to enjoy a night out at the street dance - woo hoo:) It was fun seeing people we hadn't seen since high school!

The ZOO!!

Daddy was home over the 4th of July for two days which was great but we were pretty sad when he left on Sunday so mommy and Gma decided to have a day of fun at the zoo! It was so much fun - Sam loved it!! It was so fun seeing him get so excited over all the animals. His favorite by far was the petting zoo - I think we spent a good hour there. He chased those poor goats all over the place:) He loved all the fish in the aquarium as well - we will definately be going back there lots this summer. Jack wasn't too impressed:) He did love his new seat in the stroller - he had a good ole snooze.
Sam loved the jungle - he was a little terrified of the snakes, so was mommy - ICK!!

Jack was a trooper - (thanks daddy for the new baby carrier - it works great!!)

Kisses for the goats!

The Boys

Jack can finally roll over!!! It took alot of practice but he has it all figured out now!! That stupid arm kept getting in the way!

Sam absolutely adores his brother lately - no "accidents" lately except for Sam throwing the basketball in Jack's face but I really think he was playing catch with his brother:( Jack sure has changed these past few weeks, he is so alert and loves playing with his toys and grabbing at mommy and Sam's faces. He is full of smiles and occasionally lets out a giggle:) Sam is full of it as usual. He is always on the go - still loves Barney and Wiggles (Lucky us we get to see the Wiggles in concert Aug. 1st!! Mommy hopes they serve Miller Lite). We have been keeping pretty busy here in Iowa. We sure miss our daddy but are so lucky to have so much family to help us out and keep us busy. Only 3 more months to go!!