Monday, August 25, 2008


I love cuddling with my daddy doll.

Well after 23 straight hours in the car we FINALLY made it to Iowa. Mommy and daddy say I behaved very good, I only threw a couple of fits but other than that daddy said I did better than mommy:) Look at the huge fish we caught - I am going to love living on "the farm".

Look at daddy's silly mustache - mommy and I finally got him to shave it, thank goodness!

I got sooo many cool presents at my second birthday party! I got a new boat to sit in, lots of toys, books and of course some new ISU gear!! I love cuddling with my new puppy pillow, he is so soft.

Mommy and I thought daddy would need something to cuddle with in Kuwait - he will sleep well with that cute pillow:)

I must be loved to get a giant bouncy thing at my birthday party! It was kinda scary in there but mommy and daddy helped me out. It was sooooo much fun jumpin' all over the place.

Florida Party

Check out these pics from my "early" birthday/congrats to daddy for getting OSI party we had in Florida before we left. I had a Mickey Mouse party and it was soooooo cool!! Mommy got me a mickey cake and all kinds of neat decorations! Daddy blew up about 100 ballons - mommy was kind of worried about him afterwards:) All my friends came to the party and I got all kinds of fun presents!

Check out my sweet cake!

Before and After:) Lets just say I don't want to so that one again for awhile, that darn cake gave me the poops for 2 days!

All my cooool presents! I sure did love the boxes.

Hmmmm what can I get into now???

My favorite new thing, the hose.

12 weeks

Here are some baby pics at 12 weeks. According to the latest ultrasound we are now due
March 2. That was great news, we got to skip week 11!!! Still feeling pretty good - besides being tired, putting on the lbs and having some headaches I can't complain. We hope to find out at our next appt what we're having????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Look at me!

Check out my cool shoes! I have a little trouble walking in shoes, I'll stick to the bare feet for now.

My favorite toys - I love playing with all mommy's kitchen stuff, daddy says mommy doesn't use it so I might as well :)

I can Walk!!

Yes that is right - I CAN WALK!! I am a crazy man when I walk. I make mommy and daddy a nervous wreck. I do a great job but I am a little "wobbly". I sure do bump my noggin alot. I've had some pretty good crashes this week but mommy says I am tough:) It sure is nice not having to crawl on the floor to get places, I am a lot faster on my feet!! Poor poor mommy:)

Belly at 9 weeks

Here's a lovely picture of my belly at 9 1/2 weeks. It sure is
growing a lot faster with baby #2.

Meet Baby Kline

Here is our little "peanut" at 8 weeks. So cute already:) !!