Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good-bye Daddy

Saying good-bye to our daddy was one of the hardest thing I have ever done! It was heart-breaking saying good-bye and trying to explain to two little boys why their daddy has to leave them. Dropping daddy off at the airport was one of the most heart-breaking moments of my life; watching two little boys sob as they hug and kiss their daddy for the last time for 6 months. We say lots and lots of prayers each and every day that our daddy comes home safe. We are looking forward to the day when we get to drive back to that airport to pick him up and give him happy hugs and kisses and welcome him home!!

Big News

We are excited to announce we are expecting BABY #3 March 17, 2012!!! We are all so happy to add another little one to our family!! Sam is set on a sister so we will see??? This should be an interesting pregnancy with daddy leaving soon for 6 months! At least he will be back for the good part - the birth!!

Big Island Trip

We decided to take a last minute trip to the Big Island over the 4th of July weekend. We woke up Friday morning and decided we didn't want to spend the 4 day weekend at home so daddy booked us tickets and off we were to Kona a few hrs later! We had a great time! We stayed at the Hilton Waikaloa which was fabulous. They had lots of pools, waterslides, a huge saltwater lagoon with tons of fish and sea turtles, a boat and train that shuttled you around the resort and even had dolphins! Sam to this day is still asking me when we get to go "back to bacation"!

Call us crazy but mommy was determined to set foot on a black sandy beach! We hiked 2 miles down a mountain and 2 miles back up the mountain with two little boys! It was a fun time, a little muddy but fun!
A few of Maui from the Big Island.

Black sand beach
Hiking down to the beach. We weren't exactly prepared to hike, hence mommy wearing flip flops:)

Lava fields
Fun at the resort - I have some pretty handsome men in my life!!

The boys were obsessed with their suitcases! They packed them and pulled them around the entire time:)
My big brave boy going down the water slide!

Sea turtle - view from our little kayak, we chased turtles around in the lagoon for a while, the boys loved it!
Can you say exhausted! I think we did a good job wearing these little boys out!
Couldn't resist the Kona Brewery! Sam enjoying his fresh brewed root beer!
Beautiful views from the resort.

This is what we had when we got home from vacation - they were so tired they didn't even wake up for their baths!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Early Summer

We took the boys to Sesame Street, they loved it! Mommy and daddy were a little bored but they had fun!!

Since daddy was supposed to deploy early June G-ma Vickie had planned a trip to visit us and get us through the first month of the deployment, unfortunately daddy's deployment was changed/postponed a month but we decided to have her come anyways. It worked out great, we were able to go on lots of dates and spend some time together before he left. The kids had a blast with G-ma and we miss her dearly!!

A little painting project for mommy's wall!

Riding with no training wheels!! Sam did a great job learning to ride his bike! It only took a few days and he was off riding by himself! Daddy could hardly keep up:)
Jack is doing great on his bike - he is getting really fast with his training wheels!!

April 2011

Unfortunately daddy was gone to Thailand for most of the month of April:( He always gets to do the fun travels! He had a great trip and came home with lots of goodies so that always makes the trip worthwhile!!

The boys are still loving the beach! They are getting a lot easier to watch, Sam loves swimming in the ocean and Jack is becoming a pro at building sand castles!!

The most exciting news for the month is we moved into a new house! Mommy was so glad to get out of that rat, gecko and roach infested house!!! We sure miss our old neighborhood but our new house is wonderful and we have lots and lots of room!! And best of all no rats and geckos!!!

One cool dude!!

Mommy and daddy got a fun night out on the town. Mommy doesn't get out of her sweat pants very often!

We got season passes to Wet and Wild waterpark - the boys absolutely love it there!! They took their friends and had a blast.