Monday, February 22, 2010

Silly Billies

I guess when you are 2 1/2 and still using a binki you develop some pretty cool binki tricks! Jack is puckering up for the camers:)

Muddy Mommy

Swamp Romp 2010..

This was one crazy race...5 miles through mud, water, sand and obstacles. It was one of the most challenging things I have done (besides being in labor for 29 hours with an epideral that didn't work). It was the stickiest mud I have ever seen..if you stopped while in it you sank and it was almost impossible to get out (I learned this on the first mud pit:)). I was lucky to be on such a great team of ladies..we did awesome finishing in 5th place!! To make it even crazier just as my team was finishing they came on the speakers and announced they had just caught a hammer head shark in one of the mud/water pits...ahhhhh! Good thing I wasn't the one who spotted it!!

Look how cute and clean we looked before we started:) The best part about this whole experience was being able to attend one of the best bedazzling parties I have ever been too! As you can see from my shirt I got a little carried away with the beads!!

Aloha Run...8.12 miles... I ran it in 1 hr 25 min. It was really great having the boys at the finish line cheering me on! I did pretty good for my first race, I finished 4240/17516 people and 1277/9020 women and 274/1336 for my age group.

My Boys..

I feel so lucky to be able to live somewhere warm...I think we would all go crazy if we had to stay in the house all day. These boys absolutely love playihg outside. Jack pushes his tractor and red car around for hours...back and forth across the yard...Sam thought he would take advantage of this a get a ride:) Jack is pretty much walking on his own now...he stumbles a little but he gets around pretty good!

Sam has to wear a lei at all times...I ended up buying him a fake one at Target because the real ones are expensive!

Still a cuddle bug! Oh how I miss the days when I could sit around and hold my I am lucky to get 5 minutes!! They are always on the go...I can't believe my baby is turning one tomorrow!!

It finally rained!! I think it has maybe sprinkled twice since we moved here and one day it poured all day long and Sam sure had fun!! He finally got to put on his rainboots and go splashing in the puddles.

Someone forgot the sunscreen!! It was a very long week listening to daddy whine about his feet!! It was all worth it though..good bye pasty white feet:)

Sam enjoying his first movie at the theatre! Mommy and daddy took him to see Alvin and the Chipmunks...he did really good for the first hour then he got a little restless and wanted to dance up and down the we left right before the is killing me not knowing how it ended:)

We have another Wiggle watcher!

Sam thought it would be fun to wear Grandma Gloria's shoes around the house....

Sam and Jack decided it would be fun to make an animal pile on top of daddy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Visit From Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Kline came to visit!

We were so excited to finally have some visitors! We had a great time with G-ma and G-pa Kline...they spoiled us rotten like always:) It was so nice to have some extra hands to help out with the boys and give mommy a little break!

Diamond Head Climb

We managed to climb Diamond Head again with the boys...Sam was a little stinker this time, he refused to walk so poor daddy had to carry him all the way up and all the way down. Mommy got her workout too carrying Jack:) (He had troubles staying awake!)

Sea Life Park

We took the boys to Sea Life was pretty cool, the boys loved the dolphin show! They filmed the movie Fifty First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore here.

Fun at the Beach
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for watching Jack, we were able to take Sam on a little kayak ride...he LOVED it!!

Grandma forgot her swimsuit but we made her get in the water anyway:)

Golf Day
We were able to enjoy a round of golf with Grandpa Dick...thanks Grandma Gloria for babysitting!

Scuba Time

Eric finally talked me into going diving with him. Since I am not certified I did a Discovery Dive in which you take a 2 hr class in the morning with an instructor then you get two afternoon dives. It was a very frightening but enjoyable experience at the same time. The first dive was awful...the water was really choppy and murky and I didn't have enough weight on so it was a constant struggle to stay down...we did see a sea turtle on this dive so that made up for it:) The second dive was so much better, it was a lot clearer and they put more weight on me so I pretty much sunk to the bottom and stayed there (one minor problem they put too much on me at first and I sunk to the bottom landed in some sea urchent/coral - PAINFUL, still have some stuck in my leg) anyways after putting some air in my vest I was good to go:) Eric was a trooper and stuck by me through all my dilemas....we saw some pretty cool fish on this dive. It was so great spending some time together doing something fun! I am definatley going to go to scuba class and get certified!

Its a WHALE! Just as we got back on the boat from our last dive a big whale and her baby swam up about 20 feet from our boat! It was AMAZING! They hung out for a good 20 minutes before swimming off. If you look at the pic you can see the whale just underneath the water....I never realized how gigantic these things are! I just kept thinking what in the world I would have done if I had been underwater and this thing swam up to me!!!

Pearl Harbor Tour

We were able to take a little boat tour of Pearl Harbor one of the was pretty interesting to learn about all the history and see all the ships.