Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ready for Santa

Well, we haven't been up to much these days. I have been trying to be a good boy so Santa puts me on his nice boy list! We went to see Santa but who knew he could be so scary. I am not sure if I want him coming into my house or not - maybe I will sleep with mommy and daddy that night:)
Don't ya just love my new hat! I picked it out all by myself and for some odd reason I actually like to wear it??
Congrats to daddy! He got his diploma for completing his Masters Degree in Homeland Security. Mommy and I are so proud of him!!!

I have a new obsession with the Wiggles, as you can see from the pictures. I tend to tune everything else out when the Wiggles are playing. Mommy says I remind her a lot of daddy:) I sure love singing and dancing to them, I think mommy does do even though she would never admit it!!

28 Weeks!

Well, as you can see mommy is getting quite large lately:) Her belly is getting huge! I guess there is a baby or something in there?? I think daddy and I will be glad when she has this baby, she is starting to get a bit growly and isn't bending over so easy these days. I am trying to be a good boy for her because I know she has to be worn out from carrying around that big ol' belly all day long. We went to the doctor this week and everything looked good. I even got to see my brother on the ultrasound machine. He looked pretty cute, I think I might have some competition??

It is kind of hard to tell what the heck you are looking at here all of them are of Baby Kline's face. The top one is a face shot and he is sucking on his hand, the second one is a profile (kinda scary:) ) the bottom one is a straight on face shot. You might have to use you imagination!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silly Lil' Man!

Doesn't my daddy look handsome in his blues?

Well, we haven't been up to a whole lot this week. Mommy and I have been taking it easy; she seems to be pretty tired lately (probably because of that big ol' belly). We get to see the baby next week on ultrasound - daddy wants to make sure the baby is still a boy:) I can't wait to see this baby that is supposedly in mommy's belly. I am quite facinated with her big belly and love to give it kisses. I make sure to share my milk and binki with the baby (via mommy's belly button!). Oh - I got two more molars this week so thank goodness for that, now I can go back to my happy go lucky self. I also learned how to blow kisses.

Hugs for daddy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

So Cute!

Well, we haven't been up to much these past few weeks - just been taking it kinda easy. Daddy had to go away for work for a week so mommy and I were all alone. I think mommy was glad to see daddy when he got back. She was looking pretty tired by the end of the week:) Other than that just been enjoying the sunny warm weather (wishing we were in the cold snowy Iowa weather)- mommy and I go to the park alot - I love to go feed the ducks. I have a new obsession with the Wiggles! Mommy and daddy just love watching them with me:) I could just sing and dance to them all day long.

Check out my cool new dog - I think it is supposed to be from Santa?? I haven't seen it in a few days so I think my mommy and daddy hid it somewhere??

So sleepy! Daddy decided to get mommy and I up at 6AM this Friday to go to Walmart - ahhh! He wanted to make sure he didn't miss out on any good bargains. At least we got to go to McDonalds for breakfast thanks to baby? craving for a biscuit:)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Colorado Trip

On the road again and this time we got to go to Colorado. G-ma and G-pa suprised us with tickets to the Colorado vs ISU football game. We had such a fun time, despite the airplane ride there which I was a little stinker:0 he he! I can't believe I can actually scream for 3 straight hours and not even wear out - that's pretty impressive especially to do on an airplane. Mommy and daddy looked a little stressed after that ride; needless to say I got Benadryl on the way home so I don't remember much about those flights:) In my defense I did have a slight ear infection and 2 of my molars were poking through. Once we got there we had a great time. We got to go into the mountains, play with all my cousins, and go to a crazy football game. We sure were worn out after that trip and glad to be home - especially pregnant mommy.

My first taste of snow - YUMMY! I didn't even care if I ate the dirty stuff:) It was a bit chilly in Colorado hence the silly hat mommy and daddy made me wear!

I had sooooo much fun at my first ISU football game! I loved to cheer for the cyclones (even though they blew it)! I was a very good boy during the whole game. I even gave mommy and daddy a little break and took a nap during the entire second half! Who knew I could sleep through a noisy football game??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More pics of me!

Silly me! Sometimes I make the goofiest faces. As you can see I love to read books, mommy gets mad because I never let her finish one book before I want to start another; she never gets to hear the ending. Guess she'll have to start reading a little bit faster:)

Check out my new pj's and shoes. I am really diggin' my new kicks - I can run really fast in them! Poor mommy can hardly keep up anymore:)

Boy, daddy sure does have some stinky feet. PEE-YEW!

Happy Halloween!

I had a great Halloween. Mommy and daddy dressed me in this silly turtle costume. I have to admit I did look pretty cute! I had a lot of fun trick or treating but more fun handing out handy to all the kids. I think I ate my fair share of M&Ms for the night. Can't wait to see what they pick out for me next year??

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crazy Lil' Man!!

Well I am a whole 13 months old now! Mommy says I am starting to act like I am two. I am becoming very smart these days; I know where my nose, eyes, mouth, belly, stinky feet and of course my wiener are. I can bark like a dog, moo like a cow and quack like a duck! I also figured out there is a baby in mommy's belly - I like to say "baby" and play with her big fat belly:) I do have quite the attitude so they say - as long as I get what I want I am a happy go lucky guy (I think I get that from my mommy?).

Full of smiles (most of the time)!!

I sure do love my baths - mommy always makes funny hair-dos on me.

I love eating apples - daddy says I sure don't get that from him. He gags when he sees me eat vegetables and fruits. He is not going to grow up stong like mommy and me.

I still love my binkis - have to have one in mouth and on in each hand at most times. Bubba is my bud - he really likes me when I have food!