Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to the Sunshine

We had a fabulous time in Iowa the past 3 months, however we were ready to get back to our warm, sunny weather! The boys have adjusted well being back in their own house. They started back to school, mommy enjoys her 2 mornings a week to herself:) We have hit up the beach quite a bit since we got back - mommy had to get her tan back, she turned kinda pasty in Iowa! We sure are missing everyone in Iowa! Mommy is missing all the help! It kinda stinks having to do laundry, cook, and clean again! The count down to daddy getting home is on!

Sam enjoying the beach, looking for crabs with his "friend" Addie:)

Enjoying a nice sunny day in Waikiki. Jack is pretty proud of his girlfriend, Claire:) He can only give her hugs, the only girl he is allowed to kiss is mommy!

Fun in Waikiki! They are like dogs - let them loose and they take off running - and impossible to catch!
Fun at the beach! These boys LOVE the water!!
Not sure what brought these boys to do this...daddy would be proud:)

Baby Bump 32 Weeks
Back to taking pictures of myself:) All checked out well at my last check-up...mommy and baby are still doing great! Going in for another ultrasound in the next week or so to make sure baby is good, last ultrasound he was breech so they want to see if he decided to do a lil turn and make his mamma happy. More updates to come...keeping my fingers crossed he stays in til daddy gets home!

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Handsome Lil' Men

We love going back to Iowa because we always get some great pictures of the boys, taken by their wonderful Auntie Autumn:) You would never have known it was probably 30 degrees outside that morning...they didn't start freezing until about 20 minutes into it then Auntie Autumn and mommy had to get creative to distract them...if only you could have seen us:) The things you do for good pictures!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

December 2011

We were glad to see Santa visited daddy all the way in Afghanistan!! Our only wish would have been for Santa to bring us our daddy:(

Boy are these guys in the Christmas spirit! They have decorated two Christmas trees for Grandma and Grandpa, baked tons of Christmas cookies, totally obsessed with listening to Christmas tunes and watching lots of Christmas movies! Oh and they have perfected their list for Santa!

Some lil boys found some Wigs in grandma's closet - aren't they cute with curly grey hair!
It finally snowed enough to go sledding!!! These boys had a blast! They probably slid down the hill at least 100 times! And yes, poor mommy had to truck up and down the hill with them to carry the sled:)
Sam has been keeping busy helping Grandpa skin out deer! EWWW!! This boy is gonna be just like his daddy - totally obsessed with deer!!

We got the chance to go to the Durham Center in Omaha for a night of Christmas fun. The boys got to see Santa and neither one of them cried!!!

They even got to meet some of Santa's reindeer!

I think Santa might have been a little too good to these boys this year!! Or maybe he gave them extra presents out of guilt for their daddy being gone??? They were so fun this year - the looks on their faces on Christmas morning were priceless!

Daddy got to skype us and watch the boys open all their presents! We are sure greatful for our made Christmas morning a little better knowing daddy was able to be there with us and enjoy seeing the giant smiles on the boys faces as they opened all their presents!

As you can tell most of the gifts were either train related or deer/hunting related!

Learning how to shoot his new cross bow:)

Showing off his cute lil bootie!
Sam and Jack were missing the beach so we took them to an indoor water park in Omaha. We had a blast!

Big bellies are useful for something...they are great cup holders!

Baby Bump 28 Weeks

Everything checked out perfectly with baby's 28 week ultrasound...10 fingers..10 toes!! Healthy baby which was a relief!! Mommy sure is getting anxious to meet this little has been a while since she had had a tiny baby to cuddle with!!

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