Friday, December 25, 2009

We Climbed a Mountain!!

We were very brave souls last weekend....we decided to climb a mountain with both boys!! It was actually a really great time and we had a ton of fun. The mountain is Diamond is an old volcanic crater (you can see the crater in the picture below...that is where we are parked...quite a hike to the top!) I carried Jack in the Baby Bjorn and Sam hiked all the way to the top...he made it all the way except for the last 99 stairs to the top. He was quite pooped so daddy had to carry him all the way down. We were so proud of the little was quite a hike for us let alone for his lil legs:) This is definately a must for anyone visiting!

Stairs..stairs...stairs and more stairs! Mommy and daddy were a little sore the next day after the climb!

Views from the top! (Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki Beach are in the background)
More views from the top!

99 STAIRS...these were a killer!! We definatley felt the burn on these!! Daddy wasn't smiling this big at the top:)

The Climb....there were a couple tunnels we had to go through...they were pretty dark and Sambo got a little scared so daddy had to carry him..
Jack loved the hike...he didn't make a peep the whole hike...(gotta love the finger in the nose...he discovered his nose holes this week!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Cuties

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays...we sure wish we could have made it home to spend the holidays with our sure won't be the same without all of you:( We are looking forward to Santa visiting and seeing the boys rip into their presents...MELE KALIKIMAKA!!!

City Lights and Elmo

We took a trolley ride to downtown Honolulu to see the city lights...nothing like looking at Christmas lights when it is 80 degrees outside!! It was pretty cool to see all the lights - they go all out..we had a really great time and everyone even behaved themselves (even mommy)!!

The USO provided a free Sesame Street show on base to all military families last weekend...The boys LOVED it!! Their eyes were glued to the stage the entire show!!

Early Christmas

Sorry G-ma Vickie and G-Pa Lynn but we just couldn't resist...we HAD to open the presents!! Sam loves his Santa Buddies movie...I think we have watched it at least 10 times since we got it...Jack is even getting into it now:) They are sooooo cute in their new Christmas PJ's...Sam gets mad if he doesn't get to wear his monkey-candycane PJ's! Thanks so much for all the gifts we really appreciated it a ton!!

Thank you G-ma Janice for the cinnamon rolls!! We were so excited to get sure makes it a lot easier getting up in the morning knowing there is a yummy cinnamon roll waiting for me in the kitchen!! It is pretty sad we went through all 16 of them in less than 5 days:) Jack was even able to enjoy them this time!!
Mommy loves her new jammies/comfy clothes too!!

By the way all the ugly wicker furniture is not ours...thank is our loaner "ALOHA" furniture the base gives us to use until our stuff gets here:) Only two more days til we get our stuff..YIPEE!!! It has been a very long 2 months and we are going to be sooooo happy once we get all our stuff and are finally able to get settled again!!

Christmas Photo Shoot

We had a little "photo shoot" with the boys the other night..or at least we tried to have one...the boys were very distracted by the water and were way more interested in splashing and crawling through the water...oh well we still managed to get some cute pics!

This is a little beach area on is really cool because the water is super shallow and you can walk out a mile or so before the water gets deep...the boys love it there...Jack loves crawling through the water and Sam loves splashing, throwing rocks and especially loves throwing sand!!

Sam thinks he is pretty cool when he wears his Hawaiian shirt...he thinks he looks like daddy when he wears it:)

So Sweet:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekend in Waikiki

Daddy had his work Christmas party at the Sheraton in Waikiki so we decided to get a room and make it a fun weekend getaway! We had a beautiful oceanfront room it was amazing!! Sam loved sitting on the balcony..watching the surfers/boats/and people in the pool below! I think I could have stayed there forever..they had a really fun pool area with slides and fountains that Sam LOVED! Jack had fun splashing in the pool too. The only downside to the whole thing was the price of things in Waikiki...$12 for a hot dog is a little much:) Lets just say we were pretty hungry by the time we got is kinda tough living on cheeze its/animal crackers/chex mix for two days!! This is definately a must for anyone that comes and visits!