Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Boys

I CAN WALK..almost!! We were so excited our little baby took 6 steps the other night!! I am actually really looking forward to him walking..he loves playing outside with his big brother and he gets pretty dirty crawling around our yard! Sam gets a kick out of Jack when he walks...he tries to help Jack walk...it's pretty cute:) Jack also decided to take his bottle this week..YAY!!

PEEIN' LIKE A BIG BOY! Sam got some pretty cool undies...just like daddy's he says:) We have only peed in them once!! We have been trying to make Sam use the potty a lot more and I have been making him wear underwear around the house...you know it is time to potty train your two year old when he tells you he is "poopin":) He does really well peeing in the potty as long as I constantly remind him! We keep trying to bribe him with toys but so far no luck...he is one stubborn little boy..I wonder where he gets it from????

They sure do have fun playing together and it is really making mommy's life a lot easier (but don't tell daddy this).

Whale Cruise

Our whale cruise was pretty cool...it was extremely difficult to catch a picture of the whales...they don't come to the surface very often and when they do they don't stay out of the water very long...but when they do come up its pretty amazing! If you look at the top picture closely you can see the top of the mommy whale and it's baby...the bottom is a pic of the baby. In the background is Waikiki.
They served us lunch on the boat...the food was delicious..I think...we ate so fast because Sam was anxious to go outside the boat so he wasn't being too patient and the cruise was right in the middle of nap time so both boys were like ticking time bombs:) They behaved pretty well though and we had lots of fun!

They finally passed out and mommy and daddy could enjoy a little whale watching in peace and quiet:) They are so cute sleeping! Poor Jack...I kept trying to prop his head up but I guess he just liked it like this??

Friday, January 22, 2010

Makapuu Point

We had so much climbing Diamond Head we decided to try another hike...this time we hiked up Makapuu Point...it was a nice paved 4 mile hike. As you can see pushing a 30# child and a 20# child in a stroller up hill was a bit challenging at times...but we made it and saw some amazing views. We also got lucky and got to see some whales in the bay - they were pretty far out so the pictures didn't turn out very well - it as really cool to see! We are hiking it again this weekend to do some more whale watching! Don't worry grandmas - the boys stayed strapped in the stroller the entire time:)

BTW: sorry Jack...the goof ball we got to take our picture cut off most of you head..at least he got the top of it:)

The boys did very well on the hike - it is tough being strapped in the stroller for this long but they are easily bribed with cheetoes:) I just hope I can keep bribing them with cheetoes until they are at least 30:)

Some cool views from the top - this is the bay we saw all the whales -

Boy How They Grow

SO BIG! Our little Jack is growin up so fast...he is almost ready to walk, (almost 11 months old) he is able to stand steady on his own but refuses to take that step on his own! I have a feeling it's not going to be long! He has finally accepted the fact he can't live off boobies forever so he has taken a great interest in food! Mashed potatoes and yogurt are his favorites but he does pretty good with most fruits and he will eat vegetables as long as they aren't green:) We are still working on the sippy cup...he would rather chew on the spout than suck it, I keep thinking if he gets thirsty enough he will take it but he is a stubborn little turd!! He definatley loves his big brother...he sticks very close to him at all times:)

He looks so sweet and innocent in this picture:) If only that is how he acted!! He definatley acts two...one minute he is giving me kissses and hugs and the next he is screaming at me and throwing his toys:) He spends a lot of time in the "naughty spot" but he has gotten a little better ever since he saw a little gecko by the naughty spot and he is deathy afraid of them just like mommy is and so now he knows if he is too naughty he will have to go sit in the "naughty spot" with the gecko:) I know it is kinda mean but it works!! He is getting so smart and is talking up a storm (I laugh when I think about the days when I was so worried that he would never talk..ha) He can count to 10, has almost mastered the ABC's, and the child forgets NOTHING..it's amazing! He is a pretty good big brother...he is always looking out for Jack, it is pretty cute!
We are so so lucky to have these two cuties...there are days I want to pull my hair out, but they sure are worth it and I wouldn't trade this life with these two for anything (I should've said three....sorry Eric:) I meant three)

Dole Plantation

We took a little trip to the Dole Plantation....it was lots of fun and we actually learned a lot about the pineapple:)

The best part of the entire trip was the Dole Whip! It was the best thing ever....I can't even begin to describe how yummy it was! You all will just have to come visit to find out how delicious it was! (By the way, Eric even ate the pineapple so you know it must have tasted pretty darn good - considering Eric gags on fruits and vegetables)
Enjoying a little ride on the Pineapple Express train. It was a pretty cool little train ride around the Dole Plantation...we saw lots of cool plants/trees (banana trees, sugar cane, all kinds of tea trees, cacao plants, mango trees, and many more I can't think of right now)

Who new pineapples grew on the ground??? Call us stupid but we were very surprised to learn pineapples don't grow in trees:) There are acres and acres of fields around here with "stuff" planted and we could never figure out what in the world that "stuff" was...well it's PINEAPPLE!! I still can't believe pineapples don't grow in trees but the truth lies in the pictures!
Mommy's favorite plant...you guessed it the cacao plant!! I think I might plant some of these in my back yard:)
Here is a picture of a banana tree...Sam and I were very fascinated with the banana trees...Sam wanted to "eat" them:) Eric just couldn't understand why I would want a picture of a banana tree...it's not every day you get to see banana trees!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hanauma Bay

Last weekend we attempted to visit this place (Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve)on Saturday but the parking lot was full..so they don't allow entry into the park when this happens....so we got up super early on Sunday to make sure we got a spot to park.
It was absolutely gorgeous! It was a nice little "paved" hike to the bottom...we all had a ton of fun! We actually stayed for over 2 hours which is good for us with two little ones!! Sam played in the sand the entire time and Jack took a nice little nap so mommy and daddy were able to take turns and enjoy some snorkeling!!

This is Koko Head...our next climbing venture!! However I think we are gonna get a babysitter for this one..stairs all the way to the top!
We saw some pretty cool fish snorkeling...there are supposedly sea turtles in the area but we weren't lucky enough to spot one of those. I think mommy is gonna get certified to scuba dive...it was a lot of fun seeing all those fish and coral!

Hugs for mommy!!