Tuesday, December 20, 2011

November 2011

Check out these sweet shirts daddy sent the boys! I think they wore them for a couple days before I was able to pry them off of them:) These guys are missing a special someone:( On a brighter note check out these salutes..they are getting good!
You get creative on chilly Iowa days...they decided they wanted to be Sponge Bob, who knew a box with eyes and a mouth could entertain two little boys for hours on end! Mommy eventually had to hide it when they decided it was more fun to hit each other with the Sponge Bob box!
Enjoying an unusually warm Thanksgiving Day playing outside!

These guys got the Christmas spirit early this year! Grandma made us wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree but I am pretty sure we had it up the next day:) They are gonna be a lot of fun this year at Christmas...only bummer is we won't get to spend it with our daddy:(
We have some good decorators on our hands! The bottom of the tree was decorated beautifully!
One Christmas tree wasn't enough for these boys...we went out and picked out the perfect tree! It only took Sam a few hours to pick out the perfect one - he didn't want one that was too "fat"!

First flurries of the year!! I will never forget their faces when they saw snow falling for the first time! Even though it was barely enough to cover the ground, these boys made the best of it! Deer hunting in the snow is probably their favorite thing to do!

Baby Bump 24 Weeks

All is well with baby and mommy...mommy just keeps growin' like a weed!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

October 2011

After spending two months in Hawaii without daddy, we thought it was time to head to Iowa to spend some time with our family! Being a pregnant, single mommy is a lot harder than mommy had ever imagined! We are all missing daddy like crazy - hopefully a trip to Iowa will make time fly by!

Happy Halloween! We had a cute little Batman and Spiderman this year for Halloween! The boys were really into trick-or-treating this year and scored lots and lots of candy:)

The boys were thrilled to get a ride on the combine from Aunt Aimee, Uncle Cody and cousin Max! They had a great time and I wasn't sure we were ever gonna get them off the combine!
Checking out the cows..

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch
The boys had a blast at Valas Pumkin Patch. They got to ride ponies, play in a pool of corn, pick pumpkins, go on a hayride and do lots of other fun Halloween things!

Two lil monkeys at the Zoo:)

Enjoying their new ISU PJs from Aunt Aimee

My handsome lil men - couldn't be a prouder mommy!

The boys love being in Iowa - it was a nice change for them and mommy to get away for a while. Mommy is loving all the help she is getting from everyone - it has been nice to catch up on some sleep and get spoiled from Grandma! The boys love hanging out at the farm and helping Grandpa with his taxidermy work and are pretty much obsessed with anything related to deer or hunting!

Baby Update

Well we have made it to the half way point!! Mommy and baby are doing great! Sam and Jack love mommy's growing belly! They have even been able to feel their lil brother kick around in mommy's belly!

It's a BOY!!!

I never had a 3-D ultrasound with Sam or Jack so I treated myself to one at 15 weeks to find out baby K's gender! Sam went with mommy to find out - he thought it was pretty cool to see his brother in my belly! I was pretty excited to find out I was going to be blessed with 3 boys!! Daddy was super excited!! He already looks pretty stinkin cute from the pictures:)
The plumbing to prove it:)

15 week belly shot! With daddy being gone weekly pictures are a little challenging:)

Happy Birthday Sam!!

Well we made it another month and September it is! Mommy is 12 weeks pregnant and decided she was just not cut out to work while daddy is gone:) Daddy was nice enough to let her quit:) Mommy is feeling much better and we got to celebrate Sam's 4th birthday!! We went all out, mommy was feeling guilty about daddy not being there so Sam got the works for his party! Mommy never realized how much work throwing a big ole birthday party by yourself is, thankfully mommy is blessed with awesome neighbors who are always willing to lend a helping hand!!
Nothing better than a Batman jumpee castle!! The kids had a blast playing on it all day long!
Sam got lots of cool presents from his friends!
The pinata was a hit:)

Enjoying some yummy super hero cupcakes!