Friday, May 14, 2010

Surf's Up!

Daddy decided to try out surfing the other day...he did pretty good for his first time and after many many tries he was finally able to get up and ride a wave!!!! Mabye after a little more practice he will be as good as mommy:)
Sam and Jack loved playing on the boogie board...they are gonna be our little surfer boys in a few more years!
Daddy heading out to catch some waves!
Sam and his buddy Jason doing a little boogie boarding!

Koko Head

This was a pretty challenging little climb...1100 uneven steps to the top...made out of old railroad ties!! You definitely felt the burn on this was so worth it though, the views at the top were absolutely amazing!!! Mommy's friend Chas was brave to take on this challenge with her:)

It was pretty much a vertial climb to the was a little scary I'm not gonna lie:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kauai Trip

We had a great trip to is the beach cottage we stayed was so cute and QUIET!! It was so nice to get away from the craziness of Honolulu.

We sat and watched the whales from our beach house every night...

This place was AMAZING!! Unbelievable views as you can see!!

Another amazing view...this waterfall was pretty cool!
This was a really fun beach in Kauai...excellent snorkeling, lots of surfing, and nice calm waters for the lil ones! It is also a hotspot for sea turtles as you can see from the pics below!!
Sam and Jack had a blast playing in the water with G-ma Vickie and Aunt Aimee!

Sam named the turtle "Timmy":) Timmy swam right up onto the beach and took a little snooze, then he went back into the ocean for a little swim then came back on shore for another snooze! Mommy and daddy hurried up and got their snorkel gear on when Timmy was headed back in the ocean and they were able to snorkel right along side Timmy - it was amazing! We were swimming inches from Timmy in the water!!!

This was an all day adventure...7 hours of kayaking, hiking and ziplining! It was so much fun and we were totally exhausted at the end of the day!!
Daddy was looking pretty good in his harness:)
Here are pics of our two ziplines we did, the first one was 800 ft and the second one was 1800 ft. It was the scariest thing I've ever done jumping off the platform but one you were mid-air it was beyond amazing!

Hanging out at the swimming hole was lots of fun...we ziplined into water, jumped off a 50 ft platform into the water..the only down side was the water was FREEZING!! It had rained a lot in the mountains so the water was ice cold!!

Our safari tour was on the same ranch where they filmed Jurassic was beautiful!! They also shot scenes from Indiana Jones on this ranch as well!!

Kelly's Zipline
Eric's Zipline!