Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 1/2 months old

Mommy just won't quit taking pictures of me - I guess it is because I am just so darn cute:) We had a fun past few weeks, G-ma Vickie was here visiting us. I love having my G-ma here, she spoiled me and mommy rotten! They took me shopping everywhere and I behaved very well because they kept buying me all kinds of neat things. G-ma loved taking me on stroller rides - I thought that was just wonderful; Bubba and Zoey even got to go on walks with us. Mommy and daddy even got to go on a "date" for the first time since I was born. G-ma was a really fun babysitter; she said I was a lot of work but definatley worth it!! Hopefully G-ma will come visit us again real soon, we miss her already.

I have been really trying to get a tooth. I am drooling everywhere and chew on everything. All this teething makes me a little on the grumpy side sometimes :)
I am such a big boy - I "think" I can feed myself now! Mommy has been letting me try vegetables, they are soooo yummy.

I'm sooo CUTE!

I love to make funny faces at mommy and daddy!!

I love my baths!

Baths are soooo much fun. I really look forward to bath nights, lately that
has been every night because of my "stinky poops". Mommy and daddy thought
they would put my bumbo chair in the tub so I could sit up for my baths, but it didn't work out so well - the chair wanted to float- but it was still fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fun at the beach!

Sam loved going to the beach. He loves being outside in the sun. We are lucky it has been so nice outside lately - 70 degrees in January isn't anything to complain about:) We can't wait til summer time so Sam can play in the sand and water. (I should say eat the sand!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lil' Sam

I can't believe I am 4 months old already. I am such a big boy now and very spoiled. I am getting pretty attached to my mommy, I get kind of grumpy when I am not with her. I love to sit in my bumbo chair, especially when mommy puts it in front of the mirror. I love staying home with mommy everyday- daddy says she spoils me:); we go on lots of stroller rides, it is sooo fun! I have become very noisy this past month, I love to "talk" to mommy and daddy. We went on a fun trip to the beach the other day - I can't wait til this summer so I can swim in the ocean and eat the sand!

Mommy says I have to go get my second round of shots tomorrow - OUCH! Hopefully I will be a big boy and not cry because mommy will probably cry enough for both of us:) I am so excited, my G-ma Vickie is flying down to see me next week; maybe mommy will be able to catch up on some sleep? At least daddy will get some home cooked meals (mommy doesn't like to cook very much - but I still love her!) Hope you enjoy the cute pictures of me - mommy and daddy are always taking so many pictures of me. Sam

4 months old!

I love to eat my hands - they taste so yummy! Lately everything goes into my mouth - and I drool like crazy. I think I might be getting a tooth sometime soon??
Mommy says I am getting to be such a big boy. I love to smile at mommy and daddy. I also love to giggle at them; they do the funniest things to try to get me to laugh!

Mommy says my belly is starting to look like daddy's:)