Thursday, August 12, 2010

Growing Like Weeds!

They are looking more like twins everyday - size wise:) We have a couple of cute blondies! Mommy's life is slowly starting to get a teeny bit easier but don't tell daddy...the boys have really started playing well together, Jack copies everything his big brother does and of course Sam thinks it is great:) Sam will be 3 yr old here in another month and Jack is almost 18 months...can't believe how fast time flies by. I never thought I would say this but Sam is actually the easy one now!! He is a piece of cake compared to his brother. We can take him out to dinner without a fuss, he will sit through the movies, play nicely at the pool and at the beach, and he even likes Target!! Jack on the other hand goes non-stop (usually in the opposite direction of mommy)...he has developed a little temper and I think Sam passed on the terrible two's to him! He is a little stinker and it's a good thing he is so dang cute! I never knew having two boys would be so much fun and so entertaining! They are total dirt balls all day long and i love it! It drives daddy crazy when he comes home and they are soaking wet, covered in mud and have popsicle juice running everywhere but it that is just part of being a boy and having fun:)

I think we know what these guys are gonna be for Halloween! Jack was so funny in the costume, he thought it was so cool he got to wear one like his big brother!
Jack has finally decided to start talking a little...he now, juice, mom, teeth, thank you, fish, neighs like a horse, quacks like a duck and gives really good "kitty kisses" (Sam taught him this one)! I have been teaching him some sign language since the child refuses to talk and he has been doing awesome...we have learned two words in two days (drink and more) so he has picked it up really fast...Sam has been a very helpful teacher!
Jack likes to do everything his big brother Sam does...Sam taught Jack how to stick his tongue out.
Sam finally learned how to do the "shocka"...everyone does it here it means hang loose/surfs up/etc....he could never get his fingers just right then one day he got it and he was so proud of himself:) He has also learned some cool tricks on the swing!

Turtle Bay Resort

We spent mommy's birthday at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. This is where they filmed the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We had an awesome ocean front room (this was the view from our balcony). The boys had a blast...they loved the swimming pools, waterslide and of course the beach. Sam cried when we had to leave, he wanted that to be his new home:( I'm not gonna lie, I might have shed a tear when we had to leave too!
Enjoying the view:)
Having fun in the pool with daddy!
We had to hit up the nice beach there as well - the water was pretty calm so the boys had a great time floating around.
They even had a horse stable at the resort. We tried to get Sam a ride but they were all booked..he was pretty upset but he promised to take him back! We spent hours just petting the horses...Jack even learned to "neigh" while we were there!

Another trip to the ER:(

Two trips to the ER in the past 6 months isn't too bad??? I have a feeling it is going to be a routine with my accident prone child! Luckily we made it out with only 2 staples to the head this time! I think Sam learned his lesson that dancing on the arm of the chair is not a good thing:) Especially when you have a faucett sticking out of the wall next to the chair (one of the perks of living in a million year old house)!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy lil' men

I came home from a run one morning and this is what I found...all the boys in the tree! I think this was daddy's way of getting away from all the kids:) I was pretty impressed with his climbing skills...he even made it down without injuring himself.

Little Wrestling Match. Jack is now seeking revenge on his brother for all the times he got beat up:) It is so funny to watch them because it is a pretty fair fight most of the time and Sam is now the one who usually ends up crying:)

Looks like Jack lost this match!

First taste of corn on the cob for Jack. It sure was messy but they loved it!

Dinosaurs and Monkeys

Mommy got brave and decided to take the boys to the zoo by herself!! Other than getting a flat tire in the stroller things went pretty well! Thank goodness for stroller rentals! The boys absolutely loved all the animals, all Jack could say the whole time was "oooo - oooo" and he pointed at everything. Sam has been trying to teach his brother animal sounds but so far he has only conquered the horse and duck:) It was a great day and I think we will be back for many more visits!
Sam loves the monkeys - we spent a great amount of time watching them:)

We made the mistake of letting Sam catch part of Jurassic part one scared him to death but he has been so fascinated with dinosaurs ever since. I finally found a Disney dinosaur movie which has been a lot better for him:) They have had this dinosaur display at the mall which is really cool....the dinosaurs all growl and move and there is a train that goes through the display. Well, Sam thought he wanted to ride it so we bought him a ticket, he chickened out:( He stood around there for a while and decided he wanted to ride it, finally daddy gave in and bought another ticket...he loved it!!

Happy 4th!!

We had a great 4th of July...we rented a huge bouncy house for all the kiddos to play in! They had a blast and were entertained for hours and hours...this was good for the grown -ups, we wre actually able to sit around, relax, and do a little sunbathing:) Next on the list is the giant waterslide for Sam's b-day!!

Daddy even got a chance to kick back and relax!! It was a very warm day and we probably went through a box of popsicles per kid - Jack was a mess as you can see!! We hosed him off every hour or so:)
We took the boys to the fireworks on base - unfortunately the trees blocked our view from most of the show but they had more fun running around anyways!