Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun with Grandma

We sure had fun while G-ma vickie was here! There are no rules when G-ma is here...suckers for breakfast, popsicles for lunch, ice cream for dinner...naps optional...and lots of messy fun (as you will see by the pictures)!! No wonder why they were so sad when she had to go back to Iowa!! We were lucky G-ma volunteered to come to Hawaii, hang out and watch the boys for us while we went on a trip to Maui with some great friends (pic to come sometime soon). Mommy even got spolied...sleeping in every day, having her laundry done and house cleaned - ahhh it was great! Let's just say it wasn't easy adjusting back to the "real world"!!!
It doesn't rain very often but when it does there is always a giant puddle in our driveway and the boys are very entertained!!
This would be one of G-ma's painting projects - they had a blast. Sam had more fun painting his brother than the paper though!

We still cheer on the Hawkeyes in this house - well at least 3 of us do! We are hoping daddy come around some day??
Having some fun at the beach - we have learned if we dig a huge hole in the sand they will play in it for hours! Well if we dig it deep enough they can't get out:)

Another art project - this one took place while mommy was in Maui - thank goodness!
Daddy makes them dress up every Saturday - and Yes, I still have the hat!

Oops forgot these:)

I forgot about my August 2010 folder - so I am a little out of order on my post but oh well! August just flew by for us. Daddy spent some time in Guam, got his tonsils out, had a wonderful visit from G-ma Gloria and mommy got a new job working at Hawaii Medical Center as a call in Dietitian. We sure are glad it is not a full time job because she has been working 2 days an week and boy is that enough!! Luckily we have found a wonderful babysitter and the boys love her so much - they don't even cry when I drop them off (not gonna lie it does hurt my feelings a little - a little whimper would be nice)!
G-ma Gloria was a life saver...she flew all the way to Hawaii to help mommy out when daddy got his tonsils out. Mommy wasn't sure if she could handle 3 babies! Taking care of daddy was a full time job! He went through a miserable couple of weeks - we felt pretty bad for him. He lost about 12# in a week even with G-ma's cooking! I am pretty sure daddy is gonna kill mommy once he sees this picture on here but he was sooooo proud of that mustache I thought I should share it with everyone:) He thought it would be funny not to shave for 2 weeks then walk around with just a mustache - the kids were even scared of him!
Sam has become quite the artist - he decided my flower pots were too boring and he needed to brighten them up - he did a pretty good job!
Our morning routine - first we have to take all the cushions off the couch, then we get our granola bars and juice then tune into Disney channel for a bit:)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Haircut

Such a handsome little man:) Daddy and G-ma Vickie finally convinced mommy it was time to give Jack his first haircut...he just got a "trim" though! He was a trooper, he sat completely still the entire time:) Thanks G-ma Vickie for the haircut!!

Happy Birthday Sam!!!

He's 3!!!! Sam wanted a giant waterslide for his birthday and boy did he get it! Mommy was a little shocked by how big the waterslide turned out to be. It was a little frightening at first but super fun! The kids played on it from 1030 in the morning until we took it down 700 that night! Sam had to have everything Toy Story, I think everyone in the neighborhood knows his obsession with Buzz and Woody because every single present he got was Toy Story! Sam definately knows how to throw a good party!

They really did love the slide - they look a little frightened going down but it always ended with giggles at the end of the ride!

A Birthday kiss from his favorite girlfriend Caroline! I gotta keep my eye on these two!
Sam and his buddy Collin...Sam finally busted open the pinata!
Sam was grinning from head to toe while we were singing happy birthday to him, it was too cute:)
Lots of cool presents! I think someone is a bit spoiled.