Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Perfect

Thanks Auntie Autumn for taking such wonderful pictures of us! They turned out so great!

This and That

The boys love going to see the sea turtles at the North Shore! We have named them - Timmy, Freddy and Martha:)
Riding the train at the Dole Plantation.
A few pic from our drive around the Island.

These boys are obsessed with their scooters! (I am not sure why Sam doesn't have his helmet on in this pic - it is a rule to always wear it- oops!)
Daddy is gonna loves these pictures:) I think I am due to have a girl!
My two crazy lil men! Who knew putting your shirt over your head could be so entertaining:)


After being on the waiting list for a year and a half - Sam finally got into preschool!!! He is doing so great, he loves going. He loves his teacher - he is learning to write his name and all the letters and gets super excited when he gets homework - if only this would last:) He has met lots of new pals at school. He is quite the artist - he makes mommy lots of cool pictures and artwork. We are going to have to buy another fridge to display all the artwork:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Do's

Sam, Jack and their new mo-hawks.

Mommy finally broke down and cut Jacks hair:( It was pretty hard cutting it - my baby is growing up! I knew it was time when he grabbed the clippers and brought them to me:) He screamed until I turned them on and buzzed him:) He wanted to be like his big brother!

Jack's TWO!!!

My lil' man turned 2!!! We had a great party - a giant Toy Story jumpee (Jack is obsessed with Buzz) lots of friends and fun! Jack was spoiled rotten with all his new Toys from all his great friends!

Enjoying some b-day cake with his buddies.
A new ride for the b-day boy!

He loved his giant buzz doll - I made the mistake of letting him open it first - he didn't care about any of his other presents after getting buzz!

Mommy's Marathon!!

After 4hrs 44 min of excruciating pain it was all over! I can't believe I actually ran a marathon, who would have thought!!! It was a lot of hard work, I couldn't have done it with the help of everyone. I can guarantee this will be my one and only marathon:) If I even mention doing it again - please slap some sense into me:)

It was amazing having the three loves of my life at the finish line waiting for me:)

Me and my training buddies. We spent a lot of time together training - I couldn't have done it without these gals!

Hawaii Football

Ohana Day at the Pro Bowl!
We had a fun time getting to watch all the players practice, daddy enjoyed watching all the NFL cheerleaders perform. The boys were deathly afraid of all the mascots:) Great Day!

Mommy was liking this...Chris Allen from American Idol:)
Our first Hawaii FB game! We had a great time with the boys! We even got to tailgate for a little bit! Mommy is gonna teach these boys how to do it right:) Start em young!