Thursday, July 1, 2010

"It's a BIG Boat"

A huge aircraft carrier came into Pearl Harbor the other was pretty amazing!

Sam and his buddy enjoying the boat!


Yes, that is right, RATS, we have RATS!! I never knew rats enjoyed bananas so much. Last week I woke up two days in a row to my bananas being half eaten by these nasty little creatures! After living in our neighbors attic for months, housing finally decide to repair the hole in their roof, however they didn't take care of the rats before they did this and they got trapped in the attic. I guess they were getting hungry so they ventured down to my kitchen..YUCK! Finally they sent some "rat professionals" to take care of the problem...only one has been caught so far so we will see...I haven't seen any evidence of them for about a week so I keep hoping they all died!! I just have to keep reminding myself where I am living:)

A Day in the Life of Jack and Sam

A little swinging...cheetoes....playing a little dress up! And don't forget the popsicles!
This did not end well....Jack ended up doing a complete flip out of the swing...mommy thought it was funny, Jack not so much:(
We will blame this boo-boo on daddy! Daddy was pushing Jack in his car and Jack decided he was done and jumped over the hood of the car however daddy was still pushing! Just a little road has healed up nicely:)
Thanks G-ma Gloria and G-pa Dick for the awesome costumes! Sam and his friend Collin have so much fun dressing up as Buzz and Woody! The only downfall is they take forever to get off so Bizz and Woody have gotten peed on several times:)

We average at least a can of these bad boys a day!
It finally rained the other day and boy did these two have fun in the puddles!! I am tempted to flood the driveway everyday so they have something to do!

Sam is getting so good at riding his bike...he can make it all the way up the trail along Pearl Harbor! Jack is diggin this because he finally gets to ride up front and see out!