Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last days in Florida

Well, only 2 more days and we are off to Iowa for the summer. We sure are gonna miss our daddy - hopefully the time will just fly by. As you can see baby Jack is growin like a weed. He is full of smiles and is becoming quite the drool machine! Sam is a crazy man like usual - he loves to dress up like his daddy - he is getting pretty good at his salute!!

Sam got a new bubble mower so he could help with yard work:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Cutie Pies

Well - Jack is now 11 weeks old! He is getting quite a little personality. He is full of smiles - especially in the mornings - definatley does not take after his mommy on that one! He is starting to coo and babble alot. He is still a wonderful baby, that is as long as mommy is close by, yes he is a very spoiled baby. Sam still loves his little brother, I don't even think he has smacked him yet this week - we are doing good! Jack probably gets at least 50 kisses a day from his brother. He is always covered in Sam goobers and remnants of Sam's food:) We are enjoying our last few weeks in Florida before moving to Iowa for the summer - then off to Hawaii!!

We love the bumbo (so does Sam!) I swear I should go buy another one so Jack can actually sit in one!

After living here for 4 years and hearing the ice cream truck drive by every day, I finally caved and bought some!! Sam loooooves popsicles - but boy are they messy. Now mommy is addicted to snickers ice cream bars - not so good for the butt!

The cheeks keep growing and growing!

Sam loves playing in his pool and of course feeding gold fish to the dogs!

Jack had his first shots 2 weeks ago - poor little man! It was pretty traumatic for him and mommy. Sam was a trooper and didn't even cry this time!!
We got the bike out again for the first time this spring - Sam loved it! I think he was more impressed with the helmet than the bike ride. It took me awhile to convince him to take the helmet off:)

Fun at the Beach

Sam loves going to the beach! He is scared to death of the water but loves playing in the sand.
We never hear a peep out of Jack - he gets all snuggled up in the sling. We were kind of sad or I should say I was sad we had our last beach outing here on Mother's Day! But on the bright side Hawaii has some pretty nice beaches too:)

Mommy enjoying the day with her boys. Sam was being stubborn and would not look at the camera.