Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks Aunt Autumn for the Wonderful Pics!!!

Thanks to our wonderful Aunt Autumn we got some awesome pics!!! She did such a great job and we are so lucky to have her!! I think we were all pretty exhausted by the end of it:) Taking pictures is tough work!

Relay for Life

We went to the Relay for Life the other night and boy did we have fun! My sister was honored as a cancer survior and was the "grand marshall" of the relay for life - we are soooooo proud of her!!! We were also proud to walk for my G-pa Stan who survived colon cancer, my Mother-in-Law Gloria who survived breast cancer and my Uncle Alan who lost the battle to cancer - WE LOVE THEM ALL SOOO MUCH!

Sam was a trooper he walked and walked and walked!

I peed in the potty!

That's right - I peed in the potty!!! I am such a BIG BOY!! Mommy was so proud she let me have a diet coke and she let me drink it out of a glass - big boys don't need sippee cups - ha ha!!

Cutie Pies

Such a cute smile!! 4 months old already!!
Fun at cousin Jackson's baseball game! Let's just say Sam was more interested in the giant pickles than the baseball game:)

Sam's new favorite toy - it is actually a great babysitter. It also functions as a highchair lately, he even eats on the go:) These days whatever makes him happy goes!!
Sam and his friend Nolan having a good ole time!!

Fun with Gma and Gpa! Sam decided the other night he was only going to let G-pa Lynn put his jammies on and boy was it hilarious to watch. I think after about 15 minutes of struggling they finally got them on:)

Meet our little puppy Sam. I guess living with 4 dogs makes Sam think he is a doggy as well! He loves wearing Bubba's collar and crawling around like a doggy. I caught him eating and drinking out of the doggy bowls one day:)

Yummy!! Rice Cereal!!!

Mommy thought it was time to introduce baby Jack to some rice cereal and boy did he love it! As you can see Sam was a big help - he had such a ball feeding his brother. He only gagged him with the spoon a few times:) Poor baby Jack:) Unfortunately the rice cereal plugged him up and baby Jack got his first suppository (thanks Aunt Aimee:)) and boy did it work!!!