Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

It was a nice weekend so we decided to go to the Pumpkin Patch.. Aunt Aimee and Cousin Kensie went with us and we had soooo much fun! Sam got to go on a hayride, ride a pony, pick pumpkins, go through a haunted house (didn't like this one), eat lots of candy, and see lots of animals!!

Football Fun

Mommy got a day off and got to go to the ISU fb game..
It was a lot of fun seeing friends and being back in Ames...I can't wait til the boys are old enough and we can take them!! (No that is not daddy...uncle Mark was posing as him for the picture:))

Silly Silly Boys!

We are down to 9 days until we get to go to daddy's graduation!! We are so excited to see him! We have been keeping pretty busy these past few weeks...the weather has started to get a bit chilly so we have had to spend a lot more time inside which is making mommy a little crazy:) I think she will be glad we are getting out right before winter!!
The boys are great...Sam is acting every bit of 2...he knows exactly how to push his mommy's buttons:) He has finally started to get the hang of this talking thing and now he never stops talking that is unless he is sleeping...he amazes me everyday with the new things he learns and how much he remembers...scary (mommy has learned to be very careful at what she days and does..cuz he copies everything)!! Jack is growin like a weed...he is sitting up on his own and army crawling everywhere..his first word was "dada" of course but he did say "mama" two days later! Both continue to be the biggest momma's boys...mommy can't take a pee without someone screaming because mommy is out of sight...it is very flattering, I guess:) It is nice to be loved that much!!

They actually have fun playing together..I just hope this lasts!! And, yes, Sam's favorite toy is a pink doll stroller..still...at least he entertains his brother!

Sam loves wearing glasses like papa..
I can sit up like a Big Boy!!

Sam thought it was pretty funny to walk around with his shirt on his head like this?????

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cutie Patooties

Just a few pics to enjoy...the boys got all dressed up for the big Iowa vs ISU game
Daddy insisted the boys wear ISU clothing...mommy remained neutral...as G-pa Lynn is a big Iowa fan...daddy wasn't too happy with the result of the game but we were kinda happy Iowa one because it put G-pa in a really good mood and we have to live with G-pa right now:)

Jack wasn't too sure what to think of the grass.....

Only 20 more days til daddy gets home!!!! We sure are missing him and can't wait to see him in a few weeks. We are excited to go to his graduation in Georgia...mommy is already a little stressed about flying with two boys...it will be a first..but I am sure they will behave like little gentlemen:)

Sambo is TWO!!!

Look who turned TWO!!! Sambo had a great birthday..the only thing that would have made it better is if daddy would have been here to celebrate with us...he did get to see Sam blow out his candles via the computer so that made Sam happy!!! He got lots of cool presents and thank you to everyone!!!!

Blowing out his candles...he got so tickled when everyone was singing to him...he just giggles and giggled:)

Sam loved his new Wiggles tape and he got lots of cool puzzles - this one makes noises when you get the pieces in!!

Happy Birthday Kensie - Cousin Kensie had a birthday on the 10th so we celebrated he b-day too!! Sam and Nolan enjoying their monkey cake and ice cream!! They were quite messy after this:)

What a cool cake...it's a MONKEY!!!

Jack enjoyed the party too!! Thank you Aunt Erin for the pink stroller...we can't leave the house without this thing!!!
A cool new chainsaw... and a fire truck ride to end the party!!!

Children's Museum

We got bored the other day so we decided to take a trip to the Children's Museum....Sambo had a blast..he was a little overstimulated at first, didn't know which direction to head first cuz there were so many cool things to see:) Jack had a pretty good time as well - he liked crawling all over the place in the nice padded playroom.

Getting some groceries...he stuck with the fruits and veggies...he must have learned how to eat from his mommy!

Enjoying the pigs and good Iowa corn:)

We couldn't leave without hitting up the carousel - he was happy he got to ride on the deer.