Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Blogger:(

So I finally decided it was time I updated the blog..beings it has been over a month! Hawaii is still amazing...loving every minute of it! The boys are growing up so fast...Sam is still a stinker...still hasn't outgrown the terrible two's yet! He is actually the "easy" one now and I never thought I would say that. Jack is everywhere and into everything!! I am constantly chasing him around and pulling stuff out of his mouth (he loves rocks:)). We really look forward to naptime at our house!! Jack is finally starting to talk a little. He says shoes and juice. He will stand by the backdoor yelling "shoes" until I put them on him and take him outside:) We go through probably 20 popsicles a day...great way to keep them entertained. Daddy is still a workaholic....but he is enjoying his new job. Mommy gets kinda jealous of all the cool stuff he gets to do:) He got to go to Japan a few weeks ago and he gets to go to the Big Island in a couple weeks! Mommy keeps telling herself she isn't going to find another job that lets her have a two hour nap and sun tan everyday!


And it only took me 1:59:54!! I was pretty happy with goal was to be under 2:00 and I did it! It was a lot of work...not sure if I am gonna go for the full marathon in December???

After 2 long months...Sam finally decided he would be a big boy and ONLY pee and poop in the potty!! He was a stubborn little turd...but we both survived it and life is great! However we still need to learn where it is and isn't appropriate to pee. For example it isn't appropriate to pee out of the van while the door is open onto the car parked next to you at Target:)...and it is not appropriate to pull down your pants and poop in your neighbors yard (I keep telling myself at least he was smart enough to pull down his pants:))!!


We had some coconuts growing on our gigantic palm tree and they were starting to get quite large so they came and cut them down before they fell off and injured one of us! It was pretty entertaining watching them...the guy actually climbed the tree then chopped them down and coconuts were expoding everywhere - it was a huge mess with coconut goo everywhere...they did a wonderful job cleaning it up and they even left us some coconuts to enjoy! The coconuts weren't ripe so the milk was disgusting...we are working on ripening some more so hopefully it tastes better...mommy really wants to make some yummy drinks out of it!

Sam loves the neighbor kids Collin and Claire...they have lots of fun together! We made some smores the other night and they were a hit!