Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We got the chance to take the boys to Ames to a basketball game before we came back to Hawaii. We had such a great time - they got to meet Cy and no one even cried:) Mommy got her clone cone so her trip was complete!
Daddy was reminiscing about the days when he was CY
Remind you of anyone? Let's just hope he doesn't turn out as crazy as his mommy!!
Someone was worn out! We couldn't get him to take the hat off:)

Daddy got us the hook-up and we got a private tour of the new practice facility - it was pretty sweet.

Colorado Trip

Mommy and Sam got to go to the annual ISU/Colorado Kline family reunion:) Despite the really long car ride we had lots of fun! Sam had a blast at the FB game and getting to see all his cousins! I think he liked getting some "mommy time"! We sure wish Daddy and Jack could have joined us.

Who knew you could fall asleep in a stadium filled with screaming fans??

On the lookout for Ralphie the buffalo.

Aunt Marsha took the boys on a horse ride! Boy did Sam love riding that horse!
Sam finally got to see snow and actually go sledding!!


We had such a great time in Iowa this past fall! It is always so much fun getting to spend time with family! Hopefully we can start planning another trip soon - we are missing everyone!! The boys have a blast out on the "farm". It was extremely hard leaving Iowa to come back to Hawaii - the last few weeks of our trip were extremely difficult ones - I thank you all for your prayers for my dad. He had a rough few months but things are finally looking up. He is doing great! We are all so greatful he is a fighter and made it though all this! We need our grandpa around for a long long time!

Jack likes to play dress up - actually I think mommy was having more fun with this than Jack! I think she needs a girl to dress up:) Jack is trying to potty train himself! This is how I find him throughout the day - completely naked on the potty!

Another fridge monkey!
Mommy got bored and decided to do a photoshoot of her own!

Full of smiles!
Sam and Jack made g-ma an awesome dinosaur cake for her b-day! They had fun helping g-ma decorate her tree. Grandma made us wait until after Halloween to put it up:)
Like father like son - this little man was obsessed with deer hunting. He would watch for deer out the window every night with g-ma and g-pa. He loved to go for rides in the truck looking for deer. He even got his own gun so he could "whack a deer" as Sam says. Daddy was so excited to take Sam out on a "road hunt" they were so cute! These two are gonna have lots of fun in a few years.

Who knew a dead deer would be so much fun to poke and play around - ewww! Mommy was not present for this activity. Daddy took him to the farm to hang out with all the boys.

He "whacked one"!! Sam got to help G-pa Lynn with his deer. G-pa came and got Sam to help him find his deer - he had so much fun finding the deer. He still talks about "whacking a deer". He even got to help G-pa gut and skin the deer. He had his butter knife and was gettin all into it. Daddy would have been proud!

Putting up some deer stands - of course he had to see what it was like to pee off one.
Fun with the cousins in KC.

Playing in the leaves with cousin Kinley
The boys always convince G-pa to take them on a fire truck ride!

Monday, January 24, 2011


We got to spend Halloween in Iowa this year! Daddy was away at school so the boys and I took off to Iowa for a visit! Mommy was brave and flew alone with both boys!! All I can say is we made it! Thankfully it was a night flight and Sam slept the whole time so I only had to deal with Jack who decided to run a fever and refuse to sit in his carseat so mommy held him for 8 straight hours. (There were no potty breaks for mommy).

They sure made one cute Buzz and Woody!
Pumkin Carving in Kansas City. We actually got to join in on the fun this year! The boys had a blast with the pumpkins and getting to hang out with all their cousins!

Fun at the pumpkin patch with their cousins and Aunties!