Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to the Sunshine

We had a fabulous time in Iowa the past 3 months, however we were ready to get back to our warm, sunny weather! The boys have adjusted well being back in their own house. They started back to school, mommy enjoys her 2 mornings a week to herself:) We have hit up the beach quite a bit since we got back - mommy had to get her tan back, she turned kinda pasty in Iowa! We sure are missing everyone in Iowa! Mommy is missing all the help! It kinda stinks having to do laundry, cook, and clean again! The count down to daddy getting home is on!

Sam enjoying the beach, looking for crabs with his "friend" Addie:)

Enjoying a nice sunny day in Waikiki. Jack is pretty proud of his girlfriend, Claire:) He can only give her hugs, the only girl he is allowed to kiss is mommy!

Fun in Waikiki! They are like dogs - let them loose and they take off running - and impossible to catch!
Fun at the beach! These boys LOVE the water!!
Not sure what brought these boys to do this...daddy would be proud:)

Baby Bump 32 Weeks
Back to taking pictures of myself:) All checked out well at my last check-up...mommy and baby are still doing great! Going in for another ultrasound in the next week or so to make sure baby is good, last ultrasound he was breech so they want to see if he decided to do a lil turn and make his mamma happy. More updates to come...keeping my fingers crossed he stays in til daddy gets home!

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