Wednesday, October 15, 2008

20 weeks!

Well, mommy is half way there and thank goodness!! Her belly is starting to get pretty big - its getting big like mine:) She has been behaving herself quite well and hasn't been too grumpy (only when I don't let her sleep!) We went to the doctor today and finally got to find out what what baby Kline is - that's right I am getting a BROTHER! I think mommy is a little frightened about having three boys in the house to take care of but I know she is happy to have another cutie like me! Needless to say daddy was absolutely thrilled and I am excited to have a little brother to play with!! Check out some pics of our little guy (and no we aren't telling anyone the name so don't bug mommy cuz she can't tell:)) I doubt she lasts - she isn't very good at secrets!
My boy part!

Some cute and scary pictures of my brother. He was yawning alot during the ultrasound, maybe because I haven't let mommy sleep in 3 nights?? (I have an ear infection - OUCH!) He looks pretty cute so far though, I doubt he could be cuter than me!

Mommy and her big belly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My first haircut!!

Mommy finally gave in and decided I needed a haircut. Grandma said I was starting to look like a little girl and she was right!! I was such a good boy, I sat there and didn't even make a fuss:) It helped that they bribed me with suckers and cheese nips! Grandma Vickie did a wonderful job!!

WOW - I look so handsome! Mommy almost cried because I look like a little man now not like her little baby anymore. Now that she has had a few days to get used to it she really likes it.

More pics from Iowa

Well I guess we have to head back to Florida on Friday:( I sure am going to miss living in Iowa. It has been so much fun having all kinds of family to play with; I am going to miss them soooo much. Hopefully we will get to come back soon???

My daddy came back!! I sure did miss him. I was soooo happy to see him at the airport; I was a little shy for a while but I warmed up really fast!

Guess who has been dressing me??

Making "mud soup" with my cousins Farrah and Gracie. I had so much fun with them, we got all messy and I got my first bath outside afterwards:)

Grandma Vickie and I chillin' outside on the deck. I sure am going to miss her and grandpa.