Thursday, November 26, 2009

Santa Fever

Sam definatley has the "Santa Fever"!! He is a tid bit obsessed with the man...he must have a belt on at all times, just like Santa...and if you can believe it we haven't watched Wiggles or Barney in 2 weeks because all Sam wants to watch are Santa movies! He actually sat through the entire Santa Clause 1,2,and 3 and little man is growin up:( Santa has been at the NEX (kinda like a giant Walmart for Airforce/Navy people...where we do all our shopping) the past week so the first time we saw him both boys started screaming immediately, the second time went a little screams just crying...third time a few whimpers...and on Thursday we went and the whole car ride there Sam was so excited to see Santa and he kept saying "Santa nice...right?" I kept reassuring we got there and we were able to pull the cart up to one cried but Sam was cuddled up in a little ball in the bottom of the cart peeking out the side:)!!! It was pretty funny....all he could say was "home mommy" least we are making progress, I have very high hopes that by Christmas I will have both boys on his lap????

Since none of our stuff is here and probably won't be here until the end of December, we went and bought the boys a baby is a cool little fiberoptic tree, they just love it...they bought some balls to put on it...all jack wanted to do was eat the tree and the tree found a nice home on the counter:)
Jackster turned 9 months this week! He is growin up so fast...he can now wave bye-bye and he gives really good hi-5's!! He has a very good little teacher! He is a little climbing monkey...he climbs up on everything and is doing really good walking behind his toy...hopefully he will be walking before long!! Today he even climbed up the slide at the park...I was very impressed! Oh and those top two teeth finally came through so no more cranky Jack!!! Sambo is full of it...he is becoming very windy...he talks non stop, he is finally putting words together and carrying on a conversation...there is never a quiet moment!!! He loves to sing songs...very good at Paparazzi by Lady Gaga...and he can sing Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonald, and the ABC's...He is such a great brother, the boys play so well together it is so fun to sit and watch them play!

Beach Babies

This past weekend we went to Bellows Beach...this beach is on another AirForce base on the is a teeny tiny little base that pretty much consists of only recreational was a beautiful area and it was great because it is only for military so it wasn't too crowded...the boys had a wonderful time and we were actually able to stay for a couple hours since the boys were being so good!

Sam loves splashing in the waves...that is until they knock him over and he goes under:)

Fun in the sand....Jack loves eating the sand??? Lets just say we find sand in every little crack and crevice when we get home:) The minivan has become our new sandbox!!
Can you tell who put Sam's sunscreen on??

Isn't She Lovely....

There is always a rainbow...I don't think there has been a single day that we haven't seen a rainbow...this pic was taken from the window of our hotel room when we stayed our first week when we arrived on base.

Here are a few more pics of the area...right now is the "winter season" I guess 85 degrees is considered chilly around here:) It is pretty rainy up in the mountains this time of year but is always sunny around the beaches...March is when the summer season begins...I can't imagine this place getting more beautiful than it is but supposedly March thru October are the best months.

Most of these are taken from the front seat of my minivan so sorry about the glares! I am the crazy lady riding down the road with my camera taking pics and video camera:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feedin' the Fishies

Here are some pics from the banks of Pearl Harbor...every morning we go for a run and feed the fishies - Sam loves feeding the fish..poor Jack has troubles staying awake..he is usually sleeping soundly by the time we run there!

It is a lot of fun when daddy can go with us! Mommy likes to race daddy down the trail...she always wins...I think daddy needs some more practice running:)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Aloha from Hawaii!! Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures up but we have been so crazy busy this past week!!! House hunting and car hunting were a bit of a challenge with two little ones..adding to the difficulty we had absolutley no clue where anything was..thank goodness for the GPS and She even got us lost few times! Lets just say mommy and the GPS don't get along to well:) need for any explanation:) It is a little difficult to find stores when they are located inside parking garages!Yes, parking garages...I guess they have to build up cuz of the lack of land so why not build a parking garage around your store...the GPS does not do well with this:) So needless to say we have learned if the GPS takes us to a parking garage...we just park and sure enough the store is inside somewhere!! Well we ended up getting a house on base...they call it a "historic" home which I believe is the nice way of saying OLD! It may be ancient but is in the most beautiful neighbor hood. We are about 100 yds from the banks of Pearl Harbor and the trees are like a huge canopy across the roads...I will post pics soon:) There is an awesome running trail along the water...we go every morning and run and at the end of the trail we stop and feed the fish which Sam loves! The neighborhood definatlely makes up for the "historic" house:) Eric purchased a sweet little camry - 95' with only 45000 miles! I must admit I am pretty jealous...thankfully he told me I can leave the mini van in Hawaii cuz he is taking his car back when we move again..YIPEE! Life in Hawaii has been pretty good so is sure gonna take some adjusting to this lifestyle...but I think we can handle it????? Say lots of prayer our household goods arrive quickly!!
The boys and their first lei's...they smelled sooo good...We were greeted at the airport by Eric's co-workers and Eric's past bosses wife...So we got lots of leis...Sam even got a candy lei!

After a week of running around trying to find a car and a house we had the weekend to enjoy ourselves and do some sightseeing however the weather didn't really want to cooperate. It temperatures were great but it was super windy and really rainy up in the mountains...the pictures don't do this place justice...this place is absolutley amazing hopefully it will be sunny this weekend so I can get some good ones!
The sun did come out Sunday so we hit up the beach on the base.
Hmmmmm..should I eat it or not???....yep I will...Jack was a little stinker at the beach, all he wanted to do was eat the sand...he did enjoy splashing in the water but he usually ends up passed out in the stroller...I guess the sound of the ocean puts him to sleep:)
Pali Lookout....We were jsut out for a cruise and drove by this look out was really pretty but the cloudy rainy weather didn't do well for was a bit chilly up there!
I took these from the car....traffic is so bad it is a little hard to "pull over" to take pics:)

These are pics from Kailua is supposed to be the #1 beach to was beautiful but the day we went the wind was so strong it made the water really choppy, you can still see how pretty it is...I am just looking forward to going back on a nice calm day so we can enjoy the crystal clear water!!

Sam loves the "Bich" as he calls it:) He is a little fish and has no fear...he jumps and swims around...oh and he loves rolling in the sand which drives daddy crazy...he has a sand phobia I think:) He thinks you should be able to go to the beach and not get sandy!!
This is a pick along the running trail along Pearl Harbor behind our house...It is pretty cool to watch the big ole submarines and Navy ships come in...I would take pics but they have police boats that drive up and down making sure people don't take pics...I really don't want to end up in jail so if you want to see them you are gonna have to come visit!!
Check out his little "moobs" haha!! Sam is a little goofball - anything to get a little attention!
Jack is the calm one..he just chills on the couch!