Saturday, September 27, 2008

More of me!

Check out my cool new Hawkeye outfit - pretty neat! I don't think daddy is going to approve of it?? I think I look pretty good in black and gold!!

I sure do miss my daddy - I love to cuddle with my daddy doll at bedtime:)

Me and grandpa Lynn - I am grandpa's lil buddy. I don't know what he is gonna do when I go back to Florida - maybe watch his new tv in peace?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

16 weeks

Well, I went to the doctor today hoping to find out if Baby Kline is a boy or girl, but they weren't able to tell:( There is a "nub" however the doctor said it could be a little boy nub or a little girl nub?? I guess we will have to wait another month - AHHHHH! Other than that everything looked great.
My waistline is quickly expanding!

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Birthday Pics

Check out my cool pony I picked out at Toys R US - he sings and talks to me!! I got the monkey at the zoo isn't he cute - just like me:)

G-ma Gloria made me a lamb cake for my birthday - she made daddy one on his first b-day too! However, I was way more interested in kissing it than eating it.

I want to be a doggy too:)

Birthday at the ZOO!!

I had such a great first birthday - we had a busy day. We started off my going to lunch then to the zoo for 4 1/2 hours and then we topped the day off with a trip too Toys R US and McDonalds!! I was worn out! Mommy said she is glad that I only have 1 birthday a year - ha! I had sooooooo much fun at the zoo. There were so many cool animals I just loved them all!! I just wanted to hug and kiss all of them:) All except that scary gorilla that came right up to the window and scared the poop out of me!

The goats loved my kisses!

Aren't those bears cute - they look so cuddly.

I got a little excited at the aquarium - there were so many fishies and sharks.

Check out this dumb ole' hat mommy made me wear! It only lasted long enough for the picture though, she is always trying to put goofy stuff on my head:) I am sure glad my cousins Brock and Jackson got to go with us to the zoo; they are so much fun.

It was a long day as you can see. G-ma Gloria and I zonked out in the car ( I actually fell asleep with a french fry in my mouth and G-ma had to pull it out!!) - boy was it a fun day though.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Almost One!!

Well, tomorrow I am gonna be one whole year old!!! Seems it was just yesterday I came out of mommy's belly:) I bet mommy has a fun day planned for me; I heard her talking about taking me to Toys R US and to the Zoo??? I will let you know all the fun stuff we get to do. She made me some yummy cupcakes today, I can't wait to eat them - YUMMY!!!

A binki in both hands while sleeping. Gotta make sure I have one at all times!!

I just love being outside. It has been a bit chilly out so mommy makes sure I am all bundled up. Check out my cool Elmo slippers Aunt Erin bought me for my b-day! I got to play out in the rain today. Mommy kind of freaked out about me getting all messy after my bath but it sure was FUN!

I just love my cousin Max and Aunt Aimee - they are sooooo fun!!

I can even give mommy kisses through the glass door!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More of ME!!

Man is it chilly here in Iowa. This ole Florida boy isn't used to this kind of weather. Mommy was happy it turned cold cuz it gave her and grandma an excuse to go shopping and buy me new warm clothes!

I just love grandma's baby deer, I love to give it kisses:) Check out that dumb ole hat mommy makes me wear, at least she got me a camo one.
Mommy makes sure I am all geared up for football Saturday - go ISU!! Grandpa says I need to get myself a Hawkeye outfit and that as long as I am living in his house I need to put away that stinkin ISU stuff! I don't think daddy would be too happy about that??
Check out my new booties - not quite sure about these things, at least they keep my feet warm:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More pics from Iowa

Well I am still in Iowa - things have been going well. Well I guess we only get to stay here a month because 2 days before daddy was supposed to fly to Kuwait they cancelled his deployment. Mommy and I were sooooooo happy! Daddy was a little peeved they waited til the last minute to tell him and especially since he moved us all the way to Iowa:) Oh well at least he let us stay for a while.

Don't I have the cutest smile:) Grandma and Grandpa call me smiley cuz I smile all the time (as long as I am getting what I want)!

Grandpa and me.

Trying to escape! Grandpa Lynn built this gate so I can't get off the deck, he did a heck of a job. I have been trying to escape for two weeks now, but no luck yet.