Monday, March 8, 2010


We had an exciting Friday morning at the Kline house....daddy had just left for work and mommy and Sam were coming in the house and Sambo went in first and mommy was right behind...little did mommy realize Sam's little finger was in the door and when she went to shut it she heard a crunch - and yep it was his poor little finger crushed in the door jam! Mommy panicked - thank goodness daddy was barely down the driveway - it is never good when you get a phone call saying "come home now your son's finger is hanging off"! Poor daddy came home to Sam and mommy bawling hysterically!! Thank goodness daddy was #1 in his driving class at OSI school because we definatley put them to use! He got us to the ER really fast and yes it involved high speeds, running red lights and lots of swirving!! Good job daddy! Well to make an extremely long story short - we were at the ER for about 6 hours and thanks to lots of drugs and a great orthopedic surgeon - Sam got a reconstructed finger and supposedly it is to be as good as new in 10 days (except for the fingernail which hopefully will grow back??)! Unfortunately they had to put a huge ball cast on his arm to prevent anything from getting into the finger and to prevent him from touching it - so far it hasn't seemed to bother him too much - he thinks it is his "CLAW"!! Mommy has had a pretty rough time with this - let's just say Sam has been spoiled rotten these past few days and there is no sign of it ending anytime soon!

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The Bormann Family said...

THIS TOTALLY BREAKS MY HEART!!! Poor Sam! He looks like he is in good spirits. Right now the boys love opening and shutting doors and it makes me so nervous they will pinch their fingers!!! that is quite the cast.

Looks like Jack (and Sam) had a fun birthday.