Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm a Cutie Pie

Well, I'm 9 1/2 months old now - where has the time gone?? I am quite the little stinker these days. I am on the move 24/7. I have decided naps are a thing of the past - ha! ha! I am just too busy to take time for naps (poor mommy). I have learned a lot these past few weeks - I can clap, patty-cake, wave bye-bye, and I still give my high 5's and kisses. I am getting brave and starting to stand on my own. I make it for a few seconds then realize what I am doing and fall down! I hope to be walking within the next month or so, then mommy is in trouble!! Mommy calls me her little monster because I get into everything and if she tells me no I get extremely upset:) Daddy says I may look like him but I sure do have mommy's personality - ha ha!

Growin' up fast

Everyone thinks I look just like my daddy - what do you think?

Here are my puppy dogs, I just love them. Bubba and I have so much fun together - we chase each other around and fight over toys. Zoey is kind of a princess, she doesn't like to play much.

Mommy and I are so proud of daddy, he was awarded an Air Force Commendation Medal from the colonel. That means he does a really great job and works very very hard. Way to go daddy!!!

Look at my new scooter, I can cruise all over the house with this baby!

Another fun trip to the beach with mommy and daddy.

The sand tastes so yummy. I love crawling all over the place.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well I am going to be 9 months old pretty soon! I am just growin' up too fast for mommy and daddy. I am learning all kinds of new tricks lately. I can give high-5's, kisses, and can almost clap and wave bye-bye. Since mommy is soooo nice to me I decided I would be nice and start calling her "mum". She just lights up when I say "mum". It is kind of nice, whenever I want her all I have to say is "mum" and she comes a running:) Oh! I almost forgot, I said Bubba for the first time the other day (Bubba is my puppy).

Look at this silly helmet they make me wear on our bike rides- I look like a bobble head in it. I have soooooo much fun when mommy and daddy take me on bike rides, we go for miles and miles on our bikes then mommy and daddy start complaining about their butts hurting so we have to stop. I sure do love being outside.

I have one good looking mommy and daddy don't ya think:) ha ha! I am still the cutest by far.

Fun Times!

I am getting to be a little beach bum. I am not so afraid of the big ocean anymore. I am liking it better now that the water is getting a bit warmer. I still am kind of a pain for mommy and daddy, I don't let them relax much since I love trying to eat the sand and have troubles sitting still. Oh well we still have bunches of fun.

OUCH! Looks like daddy got a little too much sun:) Mommy always laughs at daddy because he always wears 50 sunscreen and burns up and she wears tanner to the beach and never burns? Notice I am not in the picture? Well, that is because I went the babysitter. Yes, that's right the babysitter and I was not happy about it. I guess mommy and daddy needed a day without me to lay out on the beach, relax and go snorkeling with their friends or something like that. I was a little turd for the sitter, I guess I just had to let them know who is boss. I think I made mommy feel bad enough that she won't do that to me again??
Mommy and daddy took me to the Gulfarium a few weeks ago. I had so much fun. I got to see the dolphins, sea lions, sharks and all kinds of sea creatures.

Look at the dolphins - they were so cool! We got to watch our friends swim with the dolphins. Mommy says I can swim with them when I get a little bit bigger.