Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicken Pox!!

Chicken what? I guess I have the chicken pox - how lucky am I to be one of the 2% of kids that gets the chicken pox from the vaccination! Luckily it is a very mild case, I think mommy has only counted 10 on me so that is good. Mommy has been spoiling me with lots of Wiggles and Barney so you can't beat that!

Trip to the Beach

Mommy and daddy took me to the beach the other day. I sure don't remember the water being so scary! I sure hope it isn't that scary this summer:) I did have fun digging for sea shells, I finally found one and mommy wouldn't let me eat it - darn her!

35 weeks

One week closer to seeing my baby brother. Mommy is still a bit on the grumpy side, however daddy cheered her up by surprising her with a new Phil and Ted's double buggy stroller!! It is a pretty cool ride I must admit, much better than his last purchase - the mini van!! I seriously think her belly just might explode if it grows any more or else she is going to tip over?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Pics

Wow this month sure is going by fast!! We have been keeping pretty busy. Mommy is trying to get all the baby stuff ready and I am a really good helper:) Mommy says I am entering my terrible two's - just in time for the baby!! I behave pretty well most of the time as long as I get what I want when I want it. Mommy says I am no longer a good shopper and I am going to have to start staying home with daddy if I don't behave. I don't know why she can't understand that I don't want to sit in the stupid cart or my stroller; I have legs and I want to walk or should I say run in the opposite direction she wants me to go!! She never stays mad very long - I guess I am just too cute:) Mommy and daddy are impressed with how smart I am getting - I amaze them every day with a new trick!!

Say cheese! I got two more teeth this month - ouch! I now have 14 teeth and am working on two more.


We are so proud of daddy - he got promoted to Captain last week!! Mommy and I got to
"pin" him with his new rank. We had a great little party afterwards to celebrate. We will have more pics later of the ceremony.

The cake was sooooo yummy!

My crazy parents bought me a drum - what the heck were they thinking??

34 weeks!

34 weeks

33 weeks ........................ 32 weeks
We are getting closer - only about one month left as long as the doctor keeps his promise to induce mommy two weeks early!! Ithink she is ready to have this baby, she seems to be pretty tired. I am getting pretty excited to be a big brother!

Mommy's Belly is very entertaining. I have to make sure my brother isn't thirsty and I love sharing my binki with him. He likes lots of hugs and kisses from me:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Iowa

We actually made it to Iowa without anyone spilling the beans that we were coming! Boy was everyone surprised - it was sooo much fun seeing their faces when they saw us. I was even a good boy on the airplane, for the most part:) My new DVD player was a lifesaver - I got to watch the Wiggles the entire way home, what a great day for ME! We sure had a lot of fun and were totally exhausted by the time we got home. We even brought back icky Iowa colds for all of us. Mommy says there is a reason why men don't have babies - they can't even handle a little cold:)

Check out my new Christmas PJ's - pretty cool! By the way, Daddy picked out that sweater I was wearing in the pictures on top:) I'm not quite sure why I am wearing a cowboy hat??

For Christmas day we went to an indoor water park with all of mommy's side of the family. It was soooooooo cool! I loved all the cool water slides, but my favorite part was relaxing on the lazy river with mommy!!
Daddy kept dunking me in all the water fountains - what a meanie!!
Cruising down the lazy river with Aunt Erin.

I just might be the next rockband all-star! I was so good at the drums that mommy and daddy went and bought me my own set (what were they thinking???).

Chillin' with crippled G-ma Vickie. She fell on the ice two days before we showed up at her house. Poor ol thing she hobbled around the whole week. I think she tore something in her knee so she is probably going to have surgery. Mommy says she better hurry up and get it fixed before the baby comes:)

Christmas in Florida

I sure must have been a good boy this year - look at all the presents Santa left for me!!! I got a Thomas the train tent, a big stuffed bear, a tool set (just like daddy's), a comfy couch (like mommy's), a bike, lots of Wiggles stuff, boring ol' clothes, an inflatable baseball bat, Handy Manny tools, and a bunch of other little toys! I have had sooooo much fun playing with all my new toys - mommy thinks it is time for a bigger house. Santa actually came early this year (not sure how that works??) since mommy talked daddy into surprising all our family in Iowa and showing up for Christmas!

Enjoying my Handy Manny hammer and new Wiggles microphone. (I think daddy should have bought one for mommy cuz she is always singing with mine!)
Lounging on my new couch!

Pregnancy Update



Well, she is still growing! I think her belly is going to explode if it grows anymore. My brother sure is a kicker. I try to sit on mommy's lap but all he does is kick at me - mommy thinks this baby is going to be her wild child since he kicks so much. We are all getting anxious to meet this little guy, won't be long now??? I think mommy is getting ready she has been cleaning like a mad woman. I don't think anyone has closets cleaner and more organized than ours. Daddy says she is going to wear out the tile from scrubing so much. She hasn't been too crabby lately just when Daddy messes up her clean house:); but I think she is starting to get a bit uncomfortable - she does whine a bit here and there. The next few weeks could get interesting, I'll keep ya posted!!